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>> that is just spectacular. awe inspiring. soak it in. enjoy your weekend. happy friday, everybody. see you back here on monday. >> sounds good. bye-bye. good morning. developing now, lawmakers set to grill the ousted head of the irs today as the scandal over the targeting of tea party groups claims the job of another top agency official. today, excve amanda knox former boyfriend speaks out for the first time since his murder acquittal was overturned. this morning how he feels about facing a new trial, why he stood behind knox and what their relationship is like now. and road trip. we are getting ready to set off on next week's great american adventure. first stop hawaii. natalie is so excited, she is
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already doing the hula in honolulu today may 17th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> pretty morning here in new york. good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> the house committee first dead kated to the irs scandal and the outgoing director is expected to get a grilling from republicans today. >> that scandal is one of the political controversy facing the obama administration right now, but this morning the president's trying to move past them. he is speaking out about the economy. >> let's get to the white house. chuck todd is there. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. it is still damage-control mode for the white house. they are trying to stay in front of these three controversies that have basically hit the pause button on in the president's agenda. but aides say the president is
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keeping things in perspective, and believe this is just a blip and he will bounce back. just how rough has this week been for the president? consider this question from a reporter on thursday. >> how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics about this week's scandals to those that happened under the nixon administration. >> i will let you guys engage in those comparisons. >> reporter: nix season comparisons aside during a news conference president obama promised to clean up the irs and the irs announced the retirement of the official who oversaw the division. and they announced a veteran civiler is sflant the office of management and budget. >> we will gather facts and hold accountable and responsible anybody who was involved in this. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, ousted irs acting commissioner steve. miller is likely to face tough questions. he addressed the decision to subpoena associated press phone
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records saying while he respects freedom of the press national security was at stake. >> i don't think the american people would expect me, as a commander in chief not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or might get them killed. >> reporter: on benghazi, the president tried to move past the talking points controversy. >> i directed the defense department to ensure our military can respond lightning quick in times of crisis. >> reporter: in the end, aides say mr. obama does not feel under siege this week. the "new york times" saying the president talked longingly about going forward. referencing the movie that warren beatty playing the president speaks his mind no matter the cost. the president is deflected the idea it's been a bad idea. he said you know what a bad week was, when there was oil flowing in to the gulf of mexico, when
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four americans were killed in benghazi. this isn't a bad week. jeff scarborough is the host of morning joe on msnbc. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> got three controversies, these three scandals, if you will, unfolding at the same time. the president spoke at the press conference forcefully on thursday. did he do and say what he needed to do to stop the bleeding a little bit? >> first of all it has been a bad week politically for the president, despite what he said yesterday. he's certainly, at the very least, sent a message to democrats and his supporters that he was going to push back. he was going to fight back. this president has been far too passive. he's going to face a lot of questions, i would expect tougher questions from ap reporters with all the scandals breaking that she learning about them when he reads the morning newspaper. a lot of people don't buy it. there is obviously an irs hearing today up on capitol
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hill. we'll see how that goes. and breaking news last night that the person that was in charge of the tax exempt area in the irs is now running obama care. it looks like they may have actually fired the wrong person at the irs, and the person responsible may have gotten a promotion. >> let me ask you this. steven miller, the ousted head of the irs will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> i would ask what he knew and when he knew it and try to figure out -- in fact he may have been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start? who talked about it first? how did it grow inside the organization? and i'd like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this? the first story from the white house was this is just a field office in cincinnati, a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later, that ub just wasn't true. >> during the press conference,
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the president supported eric holder the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. the president will stay with eric holder until the end. eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. they demanded his resignation time and time again. you saw him push back on capitol hill, to the chairman of the house oversight committee. that was a strong signal that this guy knows that he has the backing of his president and he can push back as hard as he wants on the jill. >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you so much, matt. >> you got it. new developments on the search for people still missing after the powerful tornados in texas. tamron hall has that. >> it has been devastating. several people are unaccounted for after wednesday's tornados
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swept through neighborhoods with wind speeds reaching 200 miles an hour. the weather channel's mike seidel is in granbury texas with more. mike p good morning. >> good morning, tamron. the cleanup and recovery continues up here southwest of dallas-ft. worth where an ef-4 hammered the area. the first ef-4 in the dallas-ft. worth area in almost 20 years. winds as high as 200 miles an hour. this is some of the damage behind me. this is peripheral damage in the subdivision. it was basically levelled by the winds as the tornado rolled through. the national weather service confirmed 16 twisters. they will be out continuing the damage assessments today. some good news yesterday. all day we were hearing seven folks unaccounted for. last night we are hearing now two of those were found in a shelter here in granbury. a quieter day today. more tornados across the plains and midwest as we roll through the weekend.
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back to you. >> thank you very much. let me bring in al. he's got more on the storms coming this weekend. al. >> we have two areas of severe weather. first one of most concern is one to our south, right now over mississippi and alabama. tupelo, mississippi under a slight risk and one in the northern plains. heavy showers and thunderstorms going there. isolated tornados are possible out of this system. as we move to the weekend, as we go up to that second system that was in the plains on saturday from fargo to garden city, we have a risk of strong storms, damaging hail and tornados. then sunday a wider area and more severe area we are really concerned about from minneapolis, peoria to oklahoma city and back in to witch tachlt we look for a big outbreak of tornados with this system. first court appearance for a man living in idaho charged with helping a terror group plan an attack.
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the man was arrested on thursday in boise by federal agents. investigators in west texas say they have not ruled out criminal activity as the cause of the fertilizer plant explosion. 15 people were killed in that blast. now to wall street, cnbc's mary thompson is at the new york stock exchange. >> more trouble for jcpenney. the retailer the posted a larger than expect first quarter loss. new promotions aimed at winning back customers couldn't stem a 16% decline in sales. dell cut prices to maintain sales but that cut in to profits. and keeping with the theme of big numbers the 50 billionth app was downloaded from apple's app store yechltd back to you. >> impressive. thank you very much. from herder suspect. the hatchet welding hitchhiker became an internet celebrity in
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february and he is featured for saving a woman's life by hitting an assailant over the head with a hatchet. the 24-year-old appeared on jimmy kimmel live. now he is in police custody arrested in connection with the murder of 73-year-old man. his real name is caleb and he posted on facebook that he was sexually assaulted and drugged by the victim. now you see it. now you don't. look at this disappearing act during the mets/cards game murphy hit the ball to the right field corner where it is squeezed between two sections of the busch stadium walls. the mets still won 5-2. that ball never seen again. >> it's like a scary movie or something. >> like jimmy hoffa. >> hoffa in a ball. >> tamron, thanks.
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>> there. look. it disappears. >> and you are doing music. >> i want to know who took the ball. >> appreciate it. let's get the local forecast now. let's start off for today. we have showers and thunderstorms making their way to the pacific northwest to the south. we will have some heavy showers and thunderstorms, perhaps airport delays in atlanta. as we make our way to the east it will be a gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine. seasonal temperatures upper 60s to low 80s. heavy rain stretching from the great lakes and more wet weather in the pacific northwest. heat continues from texas to the southwest. cooler than usual in los angeles with 69 degrees. we will get the local forecast in just a moment but first this message. first this message.ok t trans fats... before deliveries on a scooter became cross-country shipments... before he and his staff turned corporate lobbies into produce aisles... this bay area entrepreneur met with our banker
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and shared a vision of creating healthier workplaces. that's the power of connecting a passion to a nationwide phenomenon. that's bank of america. >> announcer: "today in the bay" area weather is sponsored by bank of the bay. temperatures today are going to feel like fall cooler than average. mostly clear over the golden gate bridge. 68 degrees on the way to san jose. 67 in fremont, 68 degrees in oak land. 85 into sunday. monday and tuesday the temperatures tumble. that's your latest weather. savannah. a gallery exhibit here in new york city is raising eyebrows. it features photographs of people going about their daily lives.
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some say they are an invasion of privacy. mara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so why are so many people upset about these pictures? it is because the subjects were photographed in secret. now those personal images aren't just on public display, they are also on sale. they are snapshots of the most intimate and private moments, putting a sleeping child to bed, napping. the problem, the people in these pictures had no idea they were photographed. >> i'm upset because a lot of children live in this building. i have children, young children living in this building. >> reporter: they were taken from a man across the street using a telephoto lens. now the foe toes are a subject of an exhibit called the neighbors and are on sale for as much as $8,000 each. >> i'm sure there's a lot we haven't seen and i don't know what he has on film and that's everybody's big concern is what else is there? and what else is he planning to do with them.
7:14 am
>> he argues he's done nothing wrong and while no faces are fully visible, residents of the luxury building argue it is an invasion of privacy. >> i don't feel comfortable knowing someone was pointing a camera in to our place with a telephoto lens. >> reporter: the calorie describes the foe toes as social documentation in a rarefied environment and fans of the exhibit agree. >> you can't tell who they are. so i think it's fine. i love that, too. it's mysterious. i love them. >> reporter: he says he got the idea for the pictures from bird watching and it's really no different. he may have a hard time getting new pictures. since the exhibit opened a lot of people around here have been keeping their curtains closed. >> this subject is getting a lot of attention on-line. we will be talking about it in our 8:00 hour. meanwhile, one of the best-known ath leets necessary world, david
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beckham is retiring. michelle has a look at the impact of a career that stretches well beyond soccer. ♪ >> reporter: there's no other soccer player in the world quite like him. a superstar, burning on hard work, perfectionism. how do you end it like beckham? with trademark humility. >> i love the game so much. you know how much we love the game. >> reporter: you can almost feel his pain. >> i just feel that -- i don't know. i don't know. you know what, it's the right time. i believe it's the right time. but i always feel i can do more. that's the problem. >> reporter: lucky is how he always describes himself. the father of four, married to victoria with a two decades-long career. and playing guys 15 years younger. he didn't get to play in the olympics but did drive the boat in the opening ceremony. this icon is hardly just about soccer, especially when you talk
7:16 am
to the ladies. you hear the word beckham and you think -- >> soccer. >> underwear. >> great looking, really nice guy. >> hot. ♪ >> reporter: modelled underwear, even developing his own line crowds gathered. an international fashion idol. whatever his hair cut and beard situation through all the years, pony tails, shag, shaggy, boyish or sleek, men want to be like beckham and teenager girls want to bend it like him. he was candid with meredith vieira last year. >> you need to know when it is time to hang up the cleats. will you know when? >> i'll know when. i'll know when. >> reporter: he said he doesn't want to be a manager or coach. he will now focus on family and charity. for "today," michelle kos sin ski, nbc news, london.
7:17 am
under wear modeling career not over. still can keep going. that's the silver lining for me. >> good. i'm glad. >> he gave me a suit. >> gave me a suit off of his back one day on the show. i said that's a nice suit. he walked upstairs and changed in to jeans and handed me the suit. >> did it fit. >> for a while, yeah. >> they mega millions drawing is up. the power pal $550 million. and we have inspiration if you hope to win. a family going through hard times who hit it big thanks to an almost-forgotten lottery ticket. john yang has the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is an object lesson for all of us who buy lottery tickets and throw them in a drawer or cookie jar. it pays to check your numbers. the cookie jar sat in this family's kitchen bought by their
7:18 am
youngest child, 14-year-old savannah just months before she died last year after suffering seizures. >> sort of where we keep our keepsakes of her and still piling up lottery tickets in it. >> reporter: when they cleaned the kitchen, his wife said if he didn't check the tickets she was throwing them out. he took them to the gas station to be scanned. >> the first 15 is all sorry, not a winner, which is okay because i always hang on to the hope and the last said file a claim. not a congratulation or amount but file a claim. >> reporter: he figured he won maybe $700. the jackpot was a little more. 4.8 million. after taxes, he's taking home $3.4 million. it's a bittersweet wind fall. >> the money is fantastic. we can't really find joy in it because the one person we would want to enjoy it with is not with us. >> reporter: but a welcome wind
7:19 am
fall nonetheless, because their house was in foreclosure a house filled with so many memories of their daughter. >> i was in my daughter's room, on my knees crying, just asking the lord, i'm okay with losing everything else. i just can't lose this room. >> reporter: now they can pay off their mortgage, add to their other which kids college funds and give to their church. >> we decided to hang on the faith. we came together and what an amazing payoff. >> he says he always believes there are better days ahead. if that is true, he says, something even more spectacular is awaiting him. savannah. >> john yang in chicago, thank you very much. everyone dreams of winning the lottery and getting to hold on to the memories. >> is there anything better than when someone that should win the lottery wins the lottery. love that. >> they are rich in faith. so that is special.
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coming up an exclusive interview about his murder trial, facing a new one and his relationship with amanda knox. an undercover investigation revealing the hidden world of the internet. you won't believe what people are buying and selling on-line. but first, this is "today" on nbc. crash dating! three dates in one week! i had to get a designer dress! shop like a fashionista. and i did fall in love... save like a maxxinista.
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clearer skin is possible. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." the time is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the search is on this morning for whoever opened fire on interstate 880 in oakland killing two people. the chp says two men in a white porsche were shot. the driver died in that car. the passenger reportedly staggered out of the car into oncoming traffic. he was ultimately struck and killed by a passing car. so far no arrests have been made and no motives have been released for this shooting. a man accused of stabbing and kill his mother and his 1-year-old nephew in a san jose home expected to face a judge. rubin ramirez is going to be charged for the attacks on wednesday. he's accused of stabbing and injuring his 3-year-old niece.
7:27 am
she's in the hospital. she's listed in stable condition. san jose city council man sam lacardo says they will wipe away the new graffiti on the bridge over 280. this happened two days after the crews painted that bridge covering the graffiti that a tagger has hit again. they'll cover two other overpasses before returning to this one to clean it up again. it is friday. it's going to be a beautiful one. christina loren is here to describe this. >> feel good friday we like to call it. john, good morning to you. 7:27. beautiful start to the day. a few clouds overhead. gorgeous conditions. temperatures just perfect. we're going to see that cool ocean air move on shore all day long. open up the windows in your home. take a shower. we're in a good air quality range. livermore, up to 78 degrees by tomorrow. on sunday we really warm up into the mid 80s. monday into tuesday things change yet again. we'll jump from the upper 80s back to the low 70s.
7:28 am
we'll check that drive with mike. christina, looking at the san mateo bridge. look twice for motorcyclists. that's what we warn about with the warmer weather. there was an earlier incident at the toll plaza that's cleared. you still have the backup. not so bad for 880 down near east bay. northbound routes still slow though lighter than typical. a lot of days in this week we have you slowing for 101, 280 building up. there's the peninsula, john. thanks, mike. another local update coming in 1/2 hour. we certainly hope to see you. for our families...
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♪ that is the beautiful tropical paradise of hawaii. we cannot wait to get there on monday for the start of our week-long great american adventure. natalie literally couldn't wait, she's already in honolulu and we'll check in with her coming up, looking good, nat. go ahead. she's got a big beverage. don ho back there, okay. we'll check in with you, i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer, al roker and tamron hall. what could be the most important book you'll never read the major changes to the manual of mental disorders a book doctors use to diagnosis binge
7:31 am
eating, attention deficit disorder and asperger's. and the hidden world of the internet. wait until you see what chris hansen found people trying to buy and sell online. and an encouraging update from amy copeland, the woman who nearly died after contracting a rare flesh eating bacteria. raffaele sollecito is speaking out. we will talk to him in a moment but first his story. in the saga of amanda knox, sollecito is perhaps best known from this image, kissing knox outside the apartment where meredith kercher was brutally murdered just one day before. that was six years ago. knox and her boyfriend of just seven days, raffaele sollecito were convicted of the murder, both sentenced to prison. sollecito had several opportunities to abandon knox
7:32 am
and cut a deal but he never did despite the fact he never really knew her. an appeals court overturned because of insufficient evidence and two months ago a new trial was ordered to begin within the next year. raffaele sollecito is with us exclusively. his book is called "honor bound: my journey to hell and back with amanda knox." good morning. >> good morning. >> most recently the italian supreme court overturned your acquittal, which means you are once again facing this process all over again. >> yes. i'm -- me and all my family are all disappointed for this decision because we don't understand the reason why, but we are confident because we know that, everybody knows that i'm innocent, and we got the evidence of our innocence so we will fight until the end without
7:33 am
any worry. >> you spent all those years in jail. do you fear that you could be convicted and sent to prison again? >> no. it's something like a very far away thought in my mind because i already know that i'm innocent, and we already have proved it, so for me, it's kind of none sense. >> what strikes me about your story you knew amanda knox just seven days when all of this happened, and there was enormous pressure on you to implicate her, to point the finger at her, and you didn't. >> yes. it was quite normal to me like getting the facts as they were. so i had to be very serious, not playing a game with some people who wanted this game to be played. >> did you ever think to
7:34 am
yourself, why am i standing by this girl i barely know? >> yes, but it was normal because i cannot throw a 20-year-old innocent girl for just giving me the opportunity to live my life because i wouldn't have ever lived a life like that. >> has she ever expressed gratitude to you? >> yes. yes. she told me that she thinks that i'm a kind of hero but i don't feel so and i don't need any kind of gratitude. it's just like i did it because i know in truth it's a really good thing to do. it's the only way for me. >> there were some strange incidents and you write in your book thinking some of her behavior was odd. did you ever doubt her? >> no.
7:35 am
her behavior doesn't match with the facts, with the real facts are that we are innocent. there's no anything, nothing inside the murder scene that links us to the murder. >> what's your relationship with amanda knox like now? i understand you visited her in seattle. >> yeah, we are. we're friends. we are good friends and we have to fight again so we are kind of talking about how to move on to deal with this new trial and what we can expect. >> is it difficult? because there are people particularly as i understand it in italy, your home country, who still wonder if amanda and maybe even you had something to do with meredith's murder. is it hard to live under that kind of -- >> yes, because the problem is that the media has tried to find the sensationalism. they don't try to explain the truth about the case.
7:36 am
they don't make the facts straight on the record. they just try to grab people's attention. >> it's been expected that amanda knox will not return to italy for this next phase, this new trial. will you be in italy for that trial? >> i will be back. i will organize everything with my lawyers and just discussing about the time in which that i will be back. >> before i let you go, do you have faith in the italian justice system? >> faith? i have faith in god. the italian justice system is something like you don't know what to expect. >> raffaele sollecito, it's nice to have you here in person. thank you for coming here and sharing your story. we appreciate it. >> thanks. thanks for giving me this opportunity.
7:37 am
>> and now we'll take a turn and get a check of the weather from al. >> thank you so much, savannah. we've got the senior class of ri richford, vermont. area code 802. did you bring any maple syrup? let's see what we've got for you today. look at the temperature changes friday, you look at the mid section from denver down to austin, odessa up to huron, temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal. sunday the warm air makes its way, on monday, on into tuesday, east coast gets the heat by tuesday, boston is up to 76, washington at 87, atlanta 88, but you can see rapid city gets the cooldown, so does denver. for today the risk of strong storms to the south and risk of strong storms to the plains. beautiful day out through california, temperatures a
7:38 am
little below normal and gorgeous weather through the southeast, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. 7:38 now. meteorologist christine loren. you made it to friday. temperatures are nice today. look at the beautiful start to the day. as we head throughout the day, cooler than average. we'll see a nice ocean breeze transporting the cool pacific air. all day long a nice, gentle breeze. if you want to open up the windows. livermore, much warmer weekend. high pressure moves in quickly. low 70s today into the upper 80s by sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up next the stunning world of online ads and will you not believe what some people are selling. and tired of waiting in line at the airports? a new reason to travel light the next time you fly but first on a friday morning these messages. []
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we're back at 7:43 with a look at online classified, they can be convenient but they can be shady and shocking. "dateline"'s chris hansen has more of his hidden camera look at the wild, wild web. >> unbelievable from hitmen to sweetheart swindles to people selling bad drugs online we found it all. take a look. we're back in the online classifies, and this time you won't believe what we found. are you a vampire? >> yes, i am a vampire. >> this man posted seeking human blood so he could drink it. when was the first time you
7:44 am
consumed human blood? here's an ad from someone calling himself the problem eliminator. >> i'm all set. we're ready to go. >> promising he'll take care of a nasty co-worker to are a fee. are you a hitman? then there was jessica, who posted this listing on craigslist saying she's looking for love. she'd be a great catch for any young man, except she says she doesn't want a young man. she wants an old man. >> i'm a 35-year-old woman looking for love from an older man at least in his 70s. >> is she for real? a "dateline" senior producer pretends to be a 76-year-old named sam. >> i want to enjoy life a little. >> reporter: she tells sam her name is jessica travers and she says she wants to start a new life with him if he wires $7,500. >> i got some savings.
7:45 am
>> sam says his nephew is delivering the money and that is a "dateline" producer and i comment along as his friend and here comes jessica now. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you. i'm jessica. >> jessica, really? she says sam has already charmed her, even though she has never even seen a photo of him. >> he makes me laugh, i haven't smiled since god knows what. >> i ask her why she looks nothing like the photo she posted. that's not really you, is it? >> no, that was me when i was in high school. >> in high school? >> yes. >> it's time for me to tell jessica who i am. jessica, there's something i need to tell you and that is i'm chris hansen with "dateline" nbc. everybody changes over the years, i'm not being disrespectful but i don't think that's you. >> that was me in high school. >> what year did you graduate from high school? >> i stood back a couple of years, so i don't remember the
7:46 am
exact date. >> you don't remember the year you graduated from high school? >> no. >> jessica. >> i don't remember the exact year. >> how could you not? everybody knows the year they graduate from high school. jessica has not stayed to finish her lunch, so who was that woman in the photo jessica posted? >> it's embarrassing. >> her name is kara mckinnett a college freshman we tracked down in maine. >> i feel absolutely violated. it's my own personal identity and i feel like that's been taken from me. >> as it turns out, jessica stole kara's photo from her facebook page. they were friends in high school, the class of 2012. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central you'll see all kinds of things that will blow your mind. >> thank you, chris, we appreciate that, look forward to it and as chris mentioned see his report on dateline 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. coming up the mom who walked
7:47 am
away from her own life, disappearing for more than a decade leaving her husband and children behind. we'll hear from her and the family she left behind, after these messages. pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for
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for three dollars. ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] hurry in today, for the subway® $3 custom breakfast combo. subway. eat fresh®. all right "the office" is officially closed. nbc's hit sitcom signed off last night after its eighth season run >> we don't want to spoil it in case you have it on your dvr but
7:51 am
we wanted to share a couple of moments from the finale. >> very well, drinks on me. bartender -- >> well, well, well, well, well. that's six wells. did i get that number right? dwight? >> i heard you bought a bar, kevin. >> yes, i did. this one. now get out. . >> i don't know, ryan. he didn't look so good. >> he'll be fine. i let him suck on a strawberry. he's allergic. >> you gave your baby an allergic reaction just to talk to me? >> everything i have i owe to this job. this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job. >> they did a little highlight
7:52 am
reel and the cast was talking about their years on "the office" and it was very touching. i'm like oh, i love you. >> one of the great couples. we'll check in with natalie live from hawaii after this. [ humming ] that was quick. this was you. hm? you've been trying to get me to eat egg whites for years. you went and talked to mcdonald's? [ gasps ] oh, an egg white delight mcmuffin. i knew it. [ female announcer ] the new egg white delight mcmuffin. freshly grilled egg whites and creamy white cheddar. also available on any of your favorites. it's another new way to love mcdonald's. mmm. this is good. yeah. it's better than good. did you remember my latte? uh..yeah...'s in the car. mmm! that's good. ♪
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7:56 am
>> announcer: you are watching "today in the bay." the time is 7:r56. i'm jon kelley. credit card skimmers, they were discovered in gas pumps in walnut creek. they are causing a big-time problem for police. they were so well put together you couldn't tell that those machines had been tampered with on the outside. they also were so concerned they went to every station in that city and altered -- and alerted all bay area police departments. it's been there and it's possible the skimmers are still in place. some of them anyway so be aware. another team could be dropping out of the america's cup. the owner of the italian team holding a news conference this afternoon. he says he has no plans to drop out of the race but his team may be saying otherwise. training runs, they've been canceled since the may 9th death of sailor andrew simpson. let's get the weekend forecast. christina lorena, it feels
7:57 am
better. >> good morning, john. we have a good weekend to look forward to. we had the rain yesterday so the air quality is crystal clear. you'll see all the ripples on the bay. that's because we have some pretty good wind. the wind will transport the cool ocean air on k0trre all weekend long. we'll see highs that are very comfortable. 70 degrees inland. livermore, 67 in fremont. cool in san francisco. we have warmer days around the corner. by sunday we'll be in the mid to upper 80s inland. let's check on the improvement with mike. >> we still have trouble on north 880 in oakland past the coliseum. really bogging down right now. the sunlight is changing the conditions. the drive is slowing you down. you see that patch as well as west 580 coming north of the warren freeway. typical spots for this oakland drive. south bay, atypical. west 237 heading up towards 101. earlier crash at ma tilda has cleared. there's the rest of the south bay.
7:58 am
>> thanks a lot for joining us. we'll be back in 1/2 hour. filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
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8:00 am
♪ we're back now 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 17th day of may, 2013. we're got some breathtaking images of hawaii on our screen right now, and that's our way of reminding you that starting on monday, we're off on our "great american adventure," and actually, to kind of whet our appetite, natalie is already in hawaii. she's doing the hula. >> absolutely. >> hulaing for 90 minutes now. >> good morning, natalie. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. speaking of whetting my appetite, i'm having what you would expect, a wonderful pineapple-mixed drink here. let me tell you, on monday, we have just an amazing show planned for you all.
8:01 am
i mean, it is my first time to hawaii. i haven't been here very long, i think all of six hours. haven't seen much just yet in pitch black. i can tell you what i saw from the airport driving here, it's absolutely stunning as you would expect. just green and gorgeous everywhere. on monday, we'll give you a tour of all of the islands to visit. of course, hawaii known for so many beautiful and majestic sites, so we'll take you along for the ride as well. we're also going to do a little luau as you would expect, with real hula dancing. these folks will be joining us, as well, on monday morning. and some fire-knife dancing, matt, i think you might be up with that, along with will, and jack johnson will give us a tour, too. we'll take in all of the sights, guys. >> did our producer tell you you must keep dancing for the entire -- >> never stop hulaing -- >> i think so. well, when the music is going and i have a pineapple in hand,
8:02 am
i have to. >> okay, all right. >> look who else is hulaing over -- over there. the minions. >> oh, that's right. >> oh, look at them. >> and they're yellow like a pineapple. >> all right, natalie. we can't wait to get you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> that's right. and hawaii, of course -- >> okay, guys. >> hawaii is the first stop on "the great american add haven't tur." on tuesday, in yellowstone, camp under the stars. wednesday, chicago, see all of the sights and sounds, and also the food of chicago. thursday, it's going to be an adventure, orlando. i hope you guys have a strong stomach. we're going to ride the rides at some of the best amusement parks in orlando. and on friday, the jersey shore. we'll usher in summer in an area that's been really hard hit. we'll have a lot of fun. we literally are going to have the band f.u.n. giving us a concert. >> if you're in the area, come on down. a lot to get to. meanwhile, let's go inside,
8:03 am
because natalie is in hawaii, tamron hall is at the newsdesk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. president obama heads to maryland today to discuss jobs and the economic recovery amid three big scandals. this as congress holds its first hearings today on the irs targeting of tea party groups. on thursday, the president answered questions about the controversy involving the attack on the american cons has in benghazi, libya, and the fbi's spying on the associated press. a 3,800-acre wildfire is raging north of los angeles. crews have the blaze about 25% contained, but high winds are scuttling their efforts. no homes have been threatened yet by the fire, but it has spread to three counties. world health officials are concerned that a deadly virus is now spreading person to person. four new cases of a coronavirus have been reported in saudi arabia where 15 people have died in the past year. scientists say it is spreading through close contact between people.
8:04 am
some homeowners impacted by superstorm sandy are being encouraged to sell their homes and move. new jersey governor chris christie says $300 million in federal money are now available to buy homes from owners in flood-prone areas, especially those hit hardest by that big storm. the properties will then be turned into wetlands to lessen future flooding. >>. >> the jodi arias death penalty hearing in arizona is delayed until monday. highly emotional testimony brought arias and the victim's family to tears on thursday. last week, arias was found guilty of murdering her one-time boyfriend, travis alexander, back in 2008. there is no word on why the testimony is delaid. a builder says he had permission to tear apart an ancient mayan pyramid in belize. the bulldozing sparked worldwide outrage when the devastation of the 2,300-year-old ruins came to light. the work has since stopped. but the company crushing the historic stones say it was given
8:05 am
permission by the landowner to extract the material. a mountain lion is safe and so are the residents of santa cruz, california. wildlife officials tranquilized the big cat after it was seen wandering out of the big mountains and into one of the busiest intersections in town. quite a sight there. and another wild animal getting way too close for comfort. watch what happens when an alaskan grizzly bear decides to make filmmaker joe the snack of the day. so for anyone wondering what it looks like to be eaten by a grizzly, there you have it. you don't have to experience it. pretty scary. amazingly, though, the pro was not harmed in the making of that nasty video. look at that, so nasty. and this, a very different take on a carpool. watch what happens when a driver lost control and crashed into a parked car, pushing it right into a motel pool, of all places, in ft. lauderdale. the chain reaction incredible to
8:06 am
see that, was caught on surveillance video. thankfully, the car that went into the pool was empty at the time. the driver was taken to the hospital and treated. it is now 8:05. back to matt and savannah. how about the go pro grizzly? >> that's not the view you ever want to have of a grizzly. no question. >> for sure. >> thanks. let's check in with al across the plaza. >> i guess they had to wait to get the camera. [ cheers ] how do you like that job? hey, 70 rock. who's 70? you're 70. what's your name? >> kathy martin from st. louis. these are four of my five daughters. >> oh, great. hanging out with mom, right? >> yes. >> all right. let's check your weather show you what we've got for our "great american adventure," the forecast for monday, we'll have a chance of -- a 20% chance of scattered showers, partly cloudy, by the afternoon, a 30% chance. but it will be gorgeous in honolulu on monday. as we look, we can see a lot of
8:07 am
heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through northern mississippi into alabama. could be some airport delays around atlanta. heavy thunderstorms also making their way through southern minnesota into wisconsin. rain in the pacific northwest. you can see we've got a slight risk of strong storms in the plains. west coast looks gorgeous. on the cool side there, but plenty of sunshine in the northeast. temperatures still on the chilly side, but not too bad. boston 68 and sunshine. 85 degrees today as we get into parts of northern florida. 8:07 now. happy friday to you. taking a live look at sunol, a mix of sun and clouds. the story of the day. beautiful day temperature wise. only wrapping up to the low- to mid-70s. inland 73 degrees, fairfield 70 in concord, 58 in san francisco. getting into the weekend, we're going to warm up quickly, jumping by almost 10 degrees as we head from today into tomorrow. then on sunday, mid to upper 80s on the way inland, hot on monday as well. a nice stretch of spring-like weather for next week. hope you have a great day. down here at this end, this is
8:08 am
the -- this is where you first start your "today" plaza experience. you come on in, and if you want to check out your pictures, go to #todayplaza. we're taking pictures and posting them, letting you see what we see on the plaza. savannah? >> al, thoank you so much. coming up, one of the most emotional first pitches you will ever see. and new hands for the georgia woman who narrowly died after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria. we'll hear from her and her hopeful story. and then, we will head inside and get a live performance from avril levine. s.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
all right. we're back with "what's trending today," the big stories making moves this friday. we are going to start with hope rising from tragedy. marina and kevin, the new york couple whose nanny was accused of murdering two of their young
8:12 am
children last october have some happy news to report. they are expecting. on their facebook page, they wrote that their daughter, nessie, their surviving daughter, cannot wait to welcome their new baby brother. they write, "we are filled with many emotions as we look to the future, but the most important one is hope." people are flooding their facebook page with well wishes. we certainly want to add our voices to that. >> absolutely. >> just amazing, everything that they've been through, to have them something to be smiling about is wonderful. >> to see that picture, and that beauty, but the ending word, "hope," in such tragedy, it makes your heart lift. >> here is another story. we actually told you about this one a little bit earlier. is it art or is this an invasion of privacy? a photographer secretly snapped pictures of his neighbors through their windows using a telephoto lens. now, residents at the new york luxury apartment building were captured napping, doing some cleaning chores, putting their children to bed and more. no faces are seen in the photograph, but you know what, the neighbors are furious. >> they should be. >> to make matters worse, the
8:13 am
photos are for sale. they're on display in a gallery and they're for sale for as much as $8,000 each. reports say the residents are considering legal action. the photographer insists he has done nothing wrong. >> okay. we all have thoughts on this. >> we live in new york. i live in an apartment building. first of all, i always just assume someone's snooping through the window. but does that give -- i really do. i don't live my life saying, would you ever do anything in front of the window you wouldn't want seen on the front page of a newspaper. the answer the no. but does this guy have a right to sell these photos? >> no! he doesn't have a right to take them, does he? >> i live in an apartment that's almost all windows against a courtyard. i can see my neighbors across the way, and they can see me. and it's terrifying to think that somebody would be taking a picture. now, all they would see is me laying on the couch, you know, eating pizza and watching some tv. it's not very exciting. >> is this art? do you think it's art, which guy's captured? >> well, it is snooping. listen, the photographs are
8:14 am
beautiful. i have an issue with the kids being in the photographs. if someone took a picture of my kid and attempted to sell -- we would have issues. >> but you don't see faces. >> you don't, but you know it's your kid. >> if you're taking my kid's picture with a telephoto lens, you're going somewhere -- >> that's a tough dad. good news for "voice" junkies like savannah and myself. while you'll be saying good-bye to this season's judges, that kira and usher, yes, it is true, the rumors are confirmed, christina and cee lo back in the house, returning this fall for season five. but get this, here's a twist, you can look forward to usher and shakira a year from now when they return for season six. it's kind of a switchoff, which i like, because it keeps it fresh. that's the whole point of the show. it's supposed to be young, it's supposed to be popping. >> i like to think that they heard my special request the other day when we talked about this. i love shakira. >> cee lo said, this is for savannah. >> but you're hip, because prince calls you. >> now, this one would be hard for us to do on our great
8:15 am
american adventure. american airlines is announcing a new policy to allow passengers who are carrying only small items, items that can fit under seat, to board before most of their fellowflyers. the move is designed to encourage passengers to carry on fewer items. >> yeah. and also to check bags, which they now charge you for. >> a little revenue stream there. >> exactly. >> all right. finally, we've got a tearjerker from last night's tampa bays/red sox game. 9-year-old alana adams was selected to throw out the first pitch, in part because her dad who's an lieutenant colonel has been stationed in afghanistan for most of the last two years. look at this, after watching a video of her dad promising to come home soon, alana threw the ball to home plate, the catcher grabbed it, and then when he revealed his mask, guess who it was. took her a second to realize it was dad, but when she did, she ran full speed toward him, launched herself into his arms. i'm sorry, those get me every
8:16 am
time. >> why are you sorry? >> if you're not tearing up or you didn't get a feeling about that. come on, something's wrong with you. >> pass the tissue. >> really sweet. >> and look at his smile. he's like, okay. and that moment of recognition, it's fantastic. >> not a bad pitch. one bounce. i'm a baseball fan as well! it's all right. something else a lot of people should be interested in this morning, the american psychiatric association's revisions to its manual of mental disorders. big changes that are already causing some controversy. it is the first time in 19 years that the manual has been updated. according to the task force chair, our work has been aimed at more accurately defining mental disorders that have a real impact on people's lives. yet there's been a lot of debate in the media about the changes. asperger's out. now it's part of the autism spectrum. bereavement over the death of a spouse can be diagnosed as major
8:17 am
depression. hoarding and binge eating are in, as newly defined disorders. also new, severe temper tantrums in kids, now being diagnosed as disruptive mood disregulation disorder. "today" contributor gail saltz is a psychiatrist, psychiatrist sally satel is a lecturer and author of the book "brainwash." good morning to both of you, ladies. why should we care about this? >> it's the update, it's the newer version. but really, i don't believe this is going to change dramatically the way people are gong to practice. because most clinicians understand, you need to treat symptoms and not diagnoses. >> but if a condition no longer exists, like asperger's, it's now under a wider heading of the spectrum of autism, and you are someone whose child is receiving care for asperger's in school, will they still get that care? >> oh, they'll still get that care. in fact, the american academy of child and adolescent psychology
8:18 am
has a fact sheet that should calm people down. those children will now be called autism spectrum disorder and they will get care. >> they might actually get more funding, because schools give autism more services than they do for asperger's. >> so the book is not even technically out yet. it's about to come out, and also, already, it's the subject of controversy. why? >> we understand that actually we're going to need to move in the direction, in a research way, in looking at the brain as the source of what's going on. we need to look at the biology, we need to look at the genetics. and that will probably be the future of diagnosis. but this is the best that we have right now. so it's the conflict of people understanding that maybe it's not sufficient for the future, but it's the best that we have to work with. >> and i think the fuss is because psychiatry is a fraught discipline. people think this is a book that distinguishes normal from abnormal, there are bright lines. it's not the case at all. this has always been a framework, a loose framework for thinking about patients, so
8:19 am
doctors can talk about them with each other. >> real quickly, things like binge eating, any changes that are going to impact people in the diagnosis of binge eating? >> yes. now, actually, there will be a diagnosis where if once a week, for a number of months, you overeat to a great extent and feel badly about it, you could receive this diagnosis. but the truth is, if you're just eating a pint of ice cream and you don't feel good about it, it's not causing a big problem. you're probably not going to come in for treatment. >> and bereavement after the loss of a loved one, i'm experiencing enormous depression. >> same thing, if a person comes to a psychiatrist in the wake of a loss, it means the they're suffering and they need help. it doesn't matter what we call it. now we call it major depression disorder, before we called it bereavement. >> that's the one that concerns me the most. some people might get medication from some doctors when they they should get support and care. >> that's always been a problem
8:20 am
in psychiatry, too quick to medicate. but if we didn't have 15-minute office visits, we'll have more time with people. and that's important. >> thank you both. we have an update now on amy copeland, the georgia woman who barely survived a rare flesh-eating bacteria last year. as nbc's gabe gutierrez explains now, she has hit a milestone in her recovery. >> reporter: for aimee copeland, life is about to change, again. >> what do you think? >> exciting. >> sometimes i wake up and think, oh, my god, this is my life? this is crazy! >> that life already attracted international attention. the zip line accident where she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria, the amazing recovery after losing her hands and feet. >> what's been the biggest difference? >> well, you know, before i was a very, very active person. so that's probably the biggest difference, is just my activity level. >> reporter: but now, a year later, her journey has brought her here, touch bionics near columbus, ohio. >> all right, so you ready?
8:21 am
>> yeah, i'm so excited. it looks great. >> reporter: aimee is being fitted for these prosthetic hands. she'll be the first woman ever to use the state of the art models on both arms. >> it's almost like a muscle memory with these things. you know, it's like, you've got to find that sweet spot and be able to just pick things up naturally. and that will come with time. >> reporter: until then, she's relearning old skills. >> the first time you close, it's going to lock these fingers and your thumb around that. >> reporter: after just a few days with her new hands, aimee is already writing her name. >> i love it! >> reporter: styling her hair. >> yeah! works! >> nice. >> reporter: and putting on jewelry. >> all right. successful, after some help. >> reporter: it's not always easy. >> whoops! >> there you go! that's step number one. >> reporter: but success comes with practice. >> awesome. >> reporter: things like a
8:22 am
handshake become familiar once again. >> very good! don't squeeze too hard, now. >> there are things that she's done in two days, three days, that it takes other people six months or a year to figure out how to gain control over these devices. >> reporter: she'll control her hands with the help of an app on her ipad. the bioic hands are normally $2,400 a piece, but she'll serve a spokesperson for the company, so she'll get them for free. >> i really want to clean. it seems ocd, but i really want to clean. >> reporter: this months she's finishing her masters degree in psychology and after that she plans to start on a second master's degree in social work. >> i look at pictures of how i was before, and i feel almost disconnected from that person. so in a way, it almost feels like i died a year ago and i was reborn as someone different. >> reporter: a new perspective in good hands.
8:23 am
for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, ohio. >> that's a nice update. good for her. getting married. an exciting time for couples. but what happens when you're in the middle of planning your wed and the relationship doesn't last? nbc's mara schiavocampo is here to tell us what happens. mara, good morning again. >> good morning, matt. well, broken engagements can be tough, especially if you've already put down thousands of dollars. but now a new company wants to help. a wedding can be the experience of a lifetime, but sometimes -- relationships don't work out. >> i am done! >> reporter: and that trip down the aisle gets canceled. couples can lose thousands of dollars in deposits on reception halls, flowers, photographers, and more. now, a new company called bri l wants to help couples get some of their money back. the online business is selling canceled weddings. >> so if you're a bride, you can go ahead and log on and you'll
8:24 am
be able to see if there are open wedding dates that have been called off or if there are vendors in your area that have openings that they would like to sell off at a discount. >> reporter: a california couple says bridalbrokerage helped them save big money on their big day. angela wakefield and her fiance, chris watkins, heard about the website, logged on, and bought someone else's canceled wedding reception. >> we figured it was a no-brainer to just get a pre-paid package and it was kind of all planned out. so easier and cost effective. >> reporter: the package purchased by the previous couple was valued at more than $12,000. when the wedding was canceled, angela and chris bought it from bridalbrokerage for $7,900, a savings of more than $4,000. so the new couple saved money, the previous couple gets some money back, bridal brokerage gets a fee, and the resort gets a replacement wedding. >> it's a win for everyone, for the venue, we now have a wedding that we were hoping for on a particular date. for the old bride who canceled, she now gets a portion of her
8:25 am
money back that she paid. and for the new bride, she gets an amazing deal for a wedding. >> i think it was just really easy, took a headache away from me, since we're saving so much money, i can splurge on some other things. >> now, bridal brokerage says most couples who buy canceled weddings are still able to choose their own food, colors, flowers, and cake, depending on how close it is to the wedding date. in some cases, the new couple ends up paying additional fees for upgrades or changes to the previously purchased package, but at least you're not stuck with lime green as your color. >> how do you feel about this being a win-win for everyone? >> well, except for the couple that's heartbroken, their wedding was canceled. but for everyone else, financially, it makes sense. >> and again, that couple that called off the wedding, at least they get a little bit back. >> they get some back. >> they don't lose everything, which is nice. mara, thanks very much. coming up, a live performance from avril lavigne. but first, your local news.
8:26 am
it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the best of the best in the cycling world will ride around the south bay today. the world's top cyclist will compete against the clock in stage six of the amgen tour in california in san jose. bailey avenue and south san jose, ride 20 miles and finish with a difficult climb up metcalf road. it is the time trial stage. pretty cool to see. check on the morning commute with mike. how are we looking? >> we're okay. it's friday. show you the berkeley curve heading away from our camera in emeryville. you see there is slowing approaching, heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about the maps. speaking of 50s, that's really
8:27 am
good even for a friday we don't expect that nice of a flow here. 880 north and west 580. those are showing heavier, slower drive for oakland right now. that should start to clear up. the commute on friday tends to last less into the morning, about 9:30 we see good clearing. here on the peninsula slow both directions 101 around 92 unusually slow for northbound direction. we'll follow this and make sure things start to clear out a bit. northbound routes through the south bay. into downtown is slow, laura. >> everyone getting a jump on that weekend, right? all right. see you in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 o a friday morning. that iss the despica blimp and t has a great view of new york city on a pretty spring day. >> don't you eyeball me. >> what are you looking at. >> wow. great day here in new york city, great day on our plaza, we have a huge crowd of pple here enjoying it and can you listen to the music? it's avril lavigne, with a great new song, it's very catchy. i've been dancing to it all morning. good morning everyone, i'm
8:31 am
savannah guthrie alongside matt lauernd tamron hall who is in for natalie and we'll check in with al in a moment. >> you talked about great music, one week from tod live from the jersey shore the town of seaside heights, we have got fun, the group fun, down on the shore or down the shore as we say around here for a live concert, if you're in the area check it out. i have a feeling there's going to be a huge crowd. remember the last time they were he? >> big crowd. >> big, big crowd. anyway that's next friday right here on "tay". >> all right. and men, a lot of businessmen have always had th golf course as a place to bond. lot of women are finding a way to do a little bonding and improve their careers through something called the stiletto network. we'll find more about that coming up. >> i like the sound of that. >> and poker night, too. >> this is sointeresting, brenda heights was declared legally dead, she left her husband and two children ago but
8:32 am
recently turned up alive in florida, comin up we'll hear from her. she's surfaced and speaking for the first time, incredible story. we talked about it,hey didn't know what happened. her husband at one pnt was a suspect and she resurfaced with an incredible tale. >> al has made his way up to the top of the rock to get a closer look at that despica blimp. >> that's right. there is is the despica blimp here to celebrate "despicable me" it comes out on july 3rd celebrating universal pictures has this blimp flying all over the country. we'll have more on the blimp in a moment but first a sneak peek of the movie. >> you're going to catch me. >> sorry, i -- freeze -- >> you really should announce ur weapons after you fire them. lipstick taser! >> of course steve carell is the gru andhatlimp is one of the
8:33 am
largest in the world, 165 feet. it has so much room you could fit 13,000 steve carells in there or enough helium to inflate ha the macy's floats. let's take a quick look at your weather and show you what's going on, prknesshis saturday, mostly cloudy, showers, highs in the upper 60s, for saturday, rain along the plains, looking at rain along the southeastern atlantic coast, slight risk o strong storms in the plains, sunday, sund! more strong storms in the mid plains, wet along the southeastern and atlantic coast. at's what's going on in the country. here's what's happening in you
8:34 am
>> that's right the despica blimp made to look a a minion. savannah, matt, we have a travel update this is how we're going to get there. >> we'll be there a month fm thursday. >> thank you, al. the 138th running of the preakness stakes, all eyes on orb who will run for the second jewel in the triple crown. >> michelleeadle the host of nbc's "the crossover" and "access hollywood" correspondent. chelle good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> and orb, even money the last time i checked. what are the chances? >> that's still the favorite going , coming off the win at the derby but things might be
8:35 am
different with myloot, and departing, so it could be interesting in the top three. myloot ridden by rosie naprnik, all eyes on her as well and orb. it's been since 1978 since we've had this kind of party. >> secretariat. >> michelle, do me a favor, two bucks on it's my lucky day. >> that's my horse, matt, i'm going to put two bucks on it's my lucky day. i will win us some cash, mattie. >> iant my loot. can i call you mattie? >> he does like mares. >> coverage begin tomorrow 2:30 p.m. eastern on nbcc --
8:36 am
>> how my cs? >> mattie i don't know what to say. coming up avril lavigne performs live in the studio but first this is "today" on nbc. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
8:37 am
three dates in one week!
8:38 am
i had to get a designer dress! shop like a fashionista. and i did fall in love... save like a maxxinista. with my new dress. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. 8:38 now we're pack with a mom who vanished for 11 years and recently resurfaced in florida. now she's opening up about where she's been and her decision to lee behind her young family. here's nbc's anna navaz. >> reporter: for years, brenda heist's family could only wonder what happened to her. >> i thought probably after about two years i thought based on some of the information that she had be carjacked. >> reporter: in 2002he pennsylvania mom dropped off her kids at school and disappeared. daughter morgan was just 8-year-old, son lee was 12. brenda's husband, lee, was a suspect and cleared.
8:39 am
>> my brother graduated from high school and college and i graduated and she wasn't there. >> reporter: after seven years missing brenda heist was declared legally dead. >> this is a rare situation, it truly is because to go off the radar, that completely for an adult isery difficult. >> reporter: until two weeks ago, when the 54-year-old reappeared, a shadow of her former self. >> i just kept saying to myself they're better off without me. >> reporter: and broke her silence in an exclusive interview with dr. phil mcgraw. >> her marriage was falling apart, her finances were falling apart, her future looked blk. >> reporter: mcgraw says heist now in a florida jail on outstanding warrants became overwhelmed and ran. she hihhiked south and spent years living on the streets. >> i've never been around homeless people at all, never knew anything about it, that's why i had my own problems believing what i was doing. >> reporter: what she did was create a completely new life in
8:40 am
florida, new identity, odd jobs, even new relationships, hundreds of miles away from the life she left behind. >> she had 20 bucks in an empty purse and off she went for 11 years. you have to have a substantial level of mental and emotional maladjustment in order for this to look like a viable option to you. >> reporter: heist has yet to face her children. >> i don't want her to miss me and tell her she loves me. i don't want a sob story. i want the cold, hard truth. >> do you want their forgiveness. >> i would like myforgiveness but i'm going to have a hard me forgiving myself for what ve done >> reporter: former husband lee has moved on. >> i just wish her that she'll get we, whatever the problems are. >> reporter: problems that prompted her to finally turn herself in to thorities. >> she just had hitbottom, bottom, bottom, so she just surrendered herself to the reality to stop the lies.
8:41 am
>> reporter: for "today," anna navaz, nbc news, los angeles. coming u next the stiletto network, how women are helping each other change the facef business but first on a friday mornin this is "today" on nbc. wow, the track looks perfect.
8:42 am
now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell?
8:43 am
we are back a a 8:43, if you're a woman looking to get ahead in the business world where do you begin? well maybe you should start a stiletto networking group. take a look. they do lunch at fcy restaurants, host dinner parties at home, and they've even been known to play poker after putting the kids to bed. they call themselves the harpie babes in boyland, even chicks in charge. no they're not t latest trend in reality tv, rather they are the new girls clubs in town. >> this really is a community, a community means that you can call upon those women a any
8:44 am
time, any place, anywhere. >> in 1997 janet hanson created one of the first of these power groups, 85 broads, named after 85 broad street, the former new york address of goldman sachs, where hanson spent most of her career. >> it's not just about providing money. it's all the bz and all the clapping and cheering for these amazing women and that's really what we spend most of our time doing. >> reporter: groups are popping up all over the country, from atlanta to anchorage, from manhattan to hollywood, successful women banding together creating power circles that share a common ssion. >> the women have given each other courage and allowed each other to be the best version of themselves. >> reporter: author pamela reisman named these clusters t stiletto network after she found a common thread while researching her new book. >> it's groups ofriends saying you can do it, whatever it is you want to do, fixing a school,
8:45 am
bettering your community, rallying behind a candidate or starting a company and you don't have to be a ceo and you don't have to be wealthy. >> reporter: women from their 20s to their 70s networking with each other on their own terms. and pamela is with us now her book is called "stiletto network: inside the power circles changing t face of business." >> heidi and shawna of i guess you sort of have, when you were at a women's conference you found a group of powerful women, they were doing dinner together. what happens at these meetings? >> these women talk about everything from their families to their dreams, businesses to their hopes and fears becau they're rooted in true friendship. eyay get out of that job, we'll find a new one or leave that company, you know you can do it. >> the stereotype of women backstabbing each other to get
8:46 am
ahead and that's not the case if it eve was. >> backstabbing occurred because there was room for only one woman at the top but there's enough for women to succeed and they're launching companies learning it's easier and fun to do this together than apart. >> heidi you had a wonderful business you sold for a lot of money and you're hosting poker nights. what do you get out of this? >> poker night is interesting because everyone thinks the hardest thing about starting a business is raising money and i'm not going to belittle that because it is hard but what is hard is the day after so things like poker help to teach great business skills lik strategy, dealg the best of the hand you're dealt, bluffing. it's incredibly fun a great way to network. >> great metaphor. shawna you started what has your experience been? >> the first time i came one the idea the first person i called
8:47 am
was janet hanson from 85 brods. she decid to invest in the company, i moved back to the u.s. and she told her frien about it and i ended up raising over $1 million from her stetto network and her group of friends. it was amazing. >> we talk about in the big cities, new york, chicago, l.a., but this can happen in oer communities where smart won want to get together. >> there are no rules. it's grabbing your friends and saying what do you need and how can i help. >> love that, pamela, heidi and shawna, thank you very much. coming up next a live performance from avril lavigne but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ ♪ toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. avril lavigne has been pumping out hits since she was 17 years old and 35 million albums later she is climbing the charts with a new single called "here's to never growing up." i should have a tattoo of that, here's to never growing up. isn't that good? what are you trying to say in this song? >> i don't want to really grow up. let's stay young forever. it's a state of mind. >> it is possible after ten, 11 years in the business to make music just for the joy of making music or does the business creep in here? >> sure. i'm here because i love music
8:50 am
and this is going to be my fifth record and i'm really excited because i get to work with l.a. reid again. he discovered me when i was 15. >> we like l.a. he is over here, which is great. you cowrote this song with someone special. >> yes, with my fiance chad. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you are going to sing it now for us? >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, al avril lavigne. ♪ ♪ call up all of our friends i don't think we'll ever ♪ ♪ half past 10:00 we don't ever stop ♪ and we're never going to ♪
8:51 am
we can stay forever young ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we live like rock stars dance on every bar ♪ ♪ it's just who we are i don't think we'll ever change ♪ they say just grow up ♪
8:52 am
♪ but they don't know us we don't give a what ♪ and we're nover gonna change ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ here's to never growing old ♪ won't you stay forever won't
8:53 am
you stay forever hey, hoet ♪ ♪ we can stay forever young ♪ ♪ here's to never growing old ♪ we'll be running down the street ♪ ♪ here's to never growing up here's to never growing old ♪ here's to never growing old ♪ here's to never growing old ♪ here's to never growing up ♪ >> avril lavigne. here's to never growing up.
8:54 am
we're about to head out on our great american adventure. we will see you from hawaii on monday. >> but first a look at the week that was here on "today." >> we're hearing for the first time from ariel castro's attorneys. his defense strategy -- >> two words, not guilty. >> angelina jolie reveals she's undergone a preventative double mastectomy. >> you have to know yourself to make the right decision. >> the issue of the benghazi tragedy. >> the whole issue throughout this process has ban side show. >> the new claim from wade robson, michael jackson's former protege and defender that michael jackson abused him. >> he sexually abused me from 7 years old to 14. >> raffaele sollecito speaking out. >> everyone knows i'm innocent. >> the final leg of the tour on the jersey shore. >> everyone got together and making things right. >> savannah, you have big news over the weekend. >> yes. i got engaged over the weekend
8:55 am
to my boyfriend. mike sullivan, who i adore. ♪ i think i want to marry you ♪ >> oh, my gosh. thank you, bradley. wow! >> you just had the ring on a second ago. >> i have to say mike is one of the greatest guys you will ever meet in your life and you are so great together. ♪ i think i wanna marry you >> nbc today! nbc "today"! ♪ all right. all right. all right. okay. all right. all right. okay. >> i'm a fun lady from minnesota. >> and you made it to new york city. >> thank you. >> look out. she's freaking out. >> he is back.
8:56 am
>> and speaking of a little nutty seth meyers is here. >> that is the bomb barbecue corn. ♪ 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. chp trying to figure out how a car ended up on its roof on the side of the freeway in san jose. this is in the northbound lanes of 280 just before the lee and basscom exit. witnesses saw the driver walking away from the scene but officers can't find him. for the forecast you don't have to look far.
8:57 am
check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> nice to be in the area. temperatures really comfort ashlgs 73 for livermore, 70 conordinary, 65 on the way to oakland. getting to the weekend temperatures warm up rapidly. we're going to jump by 20 degrees between today and sunday. we'll cool off tuesday through thursday of next week. hope you have a beautiful weekend. for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more..
8:58 am
low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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9:00 am
♪ turn off your phone. how long have you been in this business? tamron hall has her phone going off. who was calling you? welcome back to "today" on this friday morning, may 17th, gorgeous day here in rockefeller plaza, inside studio 1a i'm al roker along with tamron hall, one of the people who keeps their phone on during a movie. >> no one called me. we're going to talk about songs that relax you when you are traveling and my travel song i was keying it up for you because you're traveling and hitting the road today. >> gotcha. we have "weekend today's" erica hill. willie and natalie are on assignment. today's take three, going to the birds. >> better than going to the dogs. >> earlier disco the parakeet we
9:01 am
introduced you to the video, check it out. >> i'm a parakeet. what seems to be the problem, officer? i am not a crook. meow, meow, bad kitty. nobody puts baby bird in the corner. i'm a parakeet. have a good time. >> wow, that is unbelievable. some people were suspicious. my present company included i was like the bird has a vocabulary, got style. is it real? >> that's right his owners judy and kevin bolton are here and their daughter. >> so they came to stand by their bird to prove that disco can bring it. >> when did you discover disco has this talent?
9:02 am
>> it was a complete accident. we got him at 4 months of age and we thought as a joke we would try and teach him something like pretty bird, which i think is the law when it comes to teaching a parakeet something to say and he said it three weeks later. and from there we thought we'll teach him some other things. we didn't want to teach him poly wants a cracker because it's boring, we taught him some nixonisms, i am not a crook, bird to your mother. >> that's my favorite, bird to your mother. >> can you get disco to try to do this live? >> he is. he's doing it right now. >> he's talking to his bells and toys. >> he's not stressed out by the activity, he does better when there's noise. >> when you say he's talking. >> he's listening. >> now he's listening to you. >> but being a flock bird when it's quiet they think there's a predator around so they shut up but if there's the vacuum or a
9:03 am
lot of people talking he wants to join in. >> you were in the green room earlier and disco was actually caught on tape, we've witnessed it. listen again. >> meow. nobody puts baby bird in a corner. nobody puts baby bird in the corner. >> nobody puts baby bird in the corner. >> our audio guys forgot to put a mike on him. >> nowhere to clip it. >> that's cool. >> what kind of response your neighbors trying to check out this? >> no i don't think our neighbors know about him. >> now they do. >> thank you so much, kevin and jenny, and thank you, disco. >> keep it up, buddy. >> we'll see him in the movies sooner or later. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. our take two, the streaming media in our homes there's a new global epidemic dubbed netflix
9:04 am
adultery when your significant other skips ahead and watches episodes of a program you agreed to watch together. >> yes that's unfair. >> happens all the time in my house. >> it's wrong. >> yes. >> are you aggrieved husband? >> no, it's david my husband. he'll say well you fell asleep or i couldn't wait. at least he's honest about it but he gets this sheepish grin on his face. >> like i know something you don't know. >> i do it. i do. it's like come on. >> hard not to. >> especially with your schedules you got a window of awake time, you need to make it happen then. >> it's true. >> do you give away the good parts? >> no, no. >> no spoilers. >> and believe me a poll revealing 28 million u.s. adults confess to cheating on their spouses or significant others by streaming ahead. 21% watch in bed while their significant other is asleep. 5% said they would cheat in the bathroom. >> that i find funny. i have this image of somebody crouched in the bathroom with their ipad, right.
9:05 am
>> think about that next time you borrow your spouse's ipad. >> and it's not working because it's wet with sweat. >> oh! >> not necessary. >> i've dropped my phone in the bathtub at least a dozen times. it happens. and then you put it in rice and you dry it with the vacuum cleaner and tada it works. >> and then it plays music for you. >> maybe if you didn't have all that bling on it it wouldn't fall in. >> keep it away from my necklace. this is foil and we're moving on to playlists and phones. >> research from the musing streaming service spotify came out with a playlist to ease anxious travelers. travel anxiety affects about 25% of adults so believe it or not topping the list "someone like you" by adele. >> interesting. >> i found that surprising. >> it's kind of sad. >> you're sitting on the plane
9:06 am
crying. >> let's make it worse, like you're in middle school and want to put on the saddest song you know. >> a couple other songs that surprised me, "sail away" enya, "piano on the beach" but my favorite "buffalo soldier" by bob marley. you hope you're going on vacation, but meanwhile you're going on a business trip. >> "better together" jack johnson, we'll meet him in hawaii. >> what's your chill out song on the plane? you travel a lot. >> i don't have a chill out. i don't have any chill out songs. >> do you have one? >> it's "easy" by the commodores, puts me in the best mood. what about you, erica? >> a lot of coldplay actually. >> window seat, erica badu, that is a good one. >> now that we're all chilled out you can bring us the headlines? >> i'll pump things up, thank you very much al and erica. the president heading to maryland today to discuss jobs
9:07 am
and the economic recovery amid three big scandals. this as congress holds its first hearings today on the irs targeting of tea party groups on thursday. the president answered questions about the controversies involving the attack on the american consulate in benghazi, libya, and the fbi's spying on the associated press. several people are still unaccounted for in hood county, texas, after wednesday night's tornadoes swept through neighborhoods with wind speeds reaching 200 miles per hour. six people were killed in the storm, dozens more injured. the sheriff says they are confident officials will find the missing alive. investigators in west, texas, say they still have not ruled out criminal activity as the cause of last month's deadly fertilizer plant explosion. 15 people were killed in that blast. and from hero to murder suspect, kai, the hatchet welding hitchhiker became something of an internet celebrity, you remember february he was featured for saving a
9:08 am
woman's life by hitting her assailant over the head with his hatchet, we aired a clip of his interview on our broadcast. the 24-year-old appeared on "jimmy kimmel live." now he is in police custody in connection with the murder of a 73-year-old new jersey man. kai, whose real name is caleb mcgillvary posted he was sexually assaulted and drugged by the victim. a first court appearance this morning for an uzbek man living in idaho planning a terror attack. the man was arrested on thursday in boise by federal agents. the jodi arias death penalty hearing in arizona resumes monday, highly emotional testimony caused arias and the victim's family to break out in tears. last week she was found guilty of murdering her one-time boyfriend travis alexander in 2008. she admits the killing but says it was self-defense. it is official, soccer
9:09 am
superstar david beckham hanging up his cleats in the shorty shorts. beckham announced the decision thursday after 22 years on the field including six in america, the 38-year-old won league titles in four different countries. he is estimated to be worth $250 million. he, of course, is also married to victoria beckham, posh, who goes by posh spice and they have a bunch of children together, super cute. and justin bieber is going to have to pay for his monkey business, according to german officials who say the pop star will have to foot the bill for his former pet's two-month stay in a munich animal shelter. the monkey was seized by authorities in march when bieber landed on tour without papers for the little guy. his team asked the monkey be placed in a zoo. nine minutes after the hour. for clarification justin bieber didn't buy the monkey. someone gave him the monkey as a gift and then he kind of got
9:10 am
caught up in this, so it's proo handle a monkey before you give them. >> what should you do? >> i'll remember that when i'm picking out the monkey for you for christmas i'll remember that. >> you can handle the monkey. >> i'd like a chimp, i'm more of a chimp person. al has the weather, can you handle that? >> you can't handle the truth! let's show you what we've got for today. wet weather making its way through the southeast, could be severe storms and also severe storms in the plains making for a bigger outbreak as we get into the weekend, gorgeous weather along the west coast, on the cooler side, los angeles only 69 degrees. gulf coast looking fabulous temperatures in the upper 80s, beautiful day in the northeast, slight risk of strong storms through the lower gulf coast with wet weather making its way through the upper mississippi river valley. that's what's going on in the country. disco is still talking. here's wha hey, good morning to you.
9:11 am
happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look. beautiful start to the day over san francisco, just a little bit of cloud cover hanging out. temperatures are going to be cool today. comfortable 70 degrees in livermore, 53 in san francisco. getting to the next couple days, temperatures soar into the mid to upper 80s inland on sunday. >> and now a bonus take, there's a new umbrella, we're courting a lot of bad luck here but a new type of umbrella that puts all you texters at ease, this features a unique finger hold grip that allows tyou text and e-mail in the rain. >> i'm tweeting right now that i'mweeting while holding an umbrella but i don't get it. is it just me? >> i don either. >> i'm still holding the umella. >> doesn't make sense.
9:12 am
are we supposed to cartry like this? >> carrying a purse and you can do it like this a you still bump into someone and get into a brawl on the street. >> using one hand on the umbrella and only one free hand and where is your coffee? >> here is the bt you can use this as brass knuckles. boom! >> who are you hanging out with lately? >> hey, i'm from new york. >> apparently, but this is the problem, you still are looking down, someone needs to invent a camera so when you're looki down -- >> how about, how about not doing it? >> oh, al roker, please. >> i know, you nutty boy, you. >> stay with the times. it's all about knocking people in the street. we'll see you in a little bit. up next,reimagining and reinventing your life. what makes the sleep what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it'really not about you. they say, ell, if you wanted a firm bed you can
9:13 am
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9:16 am
back with our series "life reimagined today." >> jane paulie has been working on a new series. good to see u. >> good to see you guys, good morning. everyone sees something different from a work of art. philadelphia mom saw a solution to a problem. here's barbara chandler allen and her life reimagined. >> this could be a museum of modern art. how many times in your life have you said what if? you know? >> reporter: in philadelphia as everywhere, school budgets are being slashed and what goes first but the budget for? >> art. >> reporter: but barbara allen and her son rodge her a big idea. back when she wasas a volunteer mom at roger's school barbara heard a radio interview with the new school superintendent. >> i was veryoved by what he
9:17 am
said so i pulled off the road and i called in. >> are you still there, barbara? >> yes, i am good morning. lcome to our city and i invite to you come and visit . >> reporter: he returned t invitation, he had a job in mind at school headquarters. barbara happened to be at a crossroads in her own life. >> i was getting a divorce and i realized that i needed a job. >> reporter: she had worked in some of the finest museums, but for 20 years was a state-at-home mom. you had a fabulous resume. it was just way out of date. the superiendent's job offerer was a big one, fill an 850,0,0 square foot space with children's art. >> so i was ready to frame children's art and put it everywhere throughout the building and it would have looked like sort of fly specks on the wall. >> roger saw the solution. >> the only way to blow itp as large as we can and use large
9:18 am
format digital imprinting. >> reporter: the impact was wow. >> every single time we put pieces on the wall someone wou come in and say i want to buy one of those. >> reporter: so she and roger stted a non-profit, fresh artists. >> there you go, yeah. >> reporter: the idea, a kid makes a masterpiece, it's enlarged, a company gets the art as a thank you for a donation. >> this is one of our favorites. >> reporter: and fresh artists buys art supplies and teacher training for philadelphia classrooms. >> the students will be just thrilled to have this. >> reporte the beautiful scissors, maybe it's a paper tter, we will b bhawhatever that teacher in need needs. >> reporter: the kid artists get something big out of it, too. >> every time i do an art piece i feel a lot of people are being helped. >> if poor schools can have money and art supplies and help
9:19 am
other people. >> we discovered the art of a young boy made in sixth grade and it was brilliant, strong, powerful, bold piece,t was blown up very large and he stood in front of it and then he turned to me and he said, "i guess i really am somebody." i saw a problem and we had the toolkit toix it. >> reporter: the confidence with which you speak about this comes in part from age. >> nothing ventured nothing gained will probably be on my tombstone. i've always been pretty bold and pretty fearless, but i think that it's reached almost sort of terrifying proportions at 65. everybody tries t figure out how can you possibly get the power of the private sector to bear on the enormity of the
9:20 am
problem in public education. >> reporter: barbara allen is making children part of the solution. >> thanks for being such a talented and generous young woman. i look at where i am now in life as we all have threads of things that we've done. i've taken those threads and i've woven theinto a new tapestry. >> reality check, barbara is not on salary, but for someone looking to get a foot in the door, she has some advice. in her words, give it away for free. be a volunteer, and make yourself indispensable. personal observation, a large proportion of the profiles that we've done were wh people who had a history of volunteering, peopleho volunteer seem to have more options and the confidence to learn new things. i hope you'll join me later at noon eastern for my live webcast at
9:21 am
lifereimagined.organepauley. >> an amazing beauty, the power of art. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. stillhead the hottest headlines from hollywood but first these messages. go! go olive garden's three course alian dinner, just $12.95. oose one of five new entrees. go grilled with our new chicken toscano served with creamy parmesan risotto. or go succulent with our new shrimp penne. plus soup or salad and breadsticks. finish on a high note - dessert! three full courses just $12.95. olive garden, we're all family here! and try our lighter fare menu. 5 delicious choices under 575 calories.
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9:25 am
trek" movie. >> and in the kitchen spring seafood cooking. >> but first your local news. and tea parties. i'll have more awkrd conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few tis before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. thousands of cancer patients attention, can't afford to stay near the best treatment centers. let's make sure that everyone who needs a room, gets one. text "room" to 41518 to donate ten dollars
9:26 am
to the arican cancer society. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the search is on this morning for whoever opened fire on interstate 880 at oakland killing two8né people. the chp says two men in a white porsche were shot. the driver staggered out of the car and into on coming traffic. he was struck and killed by a passing car. so far no arrest and no motive for the shooting. the man accused of stabbing and shooting his mother and 1-year-old nephew is expected to face a judge. he's arraigned on murder charges and attempted murder charges for the attacks on wednesday. he's accused of stabbing and
9:27 am
injuring his niece. she's in the hospital in stable condition. crews will wipe away that new graffiti on the 13th street bridge over highway 101. just two days after they painted the bridge graffiti, they hit it again. hit it on the right. the crews will paint two other graffiti passes before eventually returning to this one. trying to do what they can out there. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. we have a beautiful day shaping f1 o temperatures are going to warm up into the 70s, so it will be a little on the cool side. grab your coat. a major warm-up ahead. if you're trying to get major outdoor activities taken care of, days your day to do so. cool for one more day, then high pressure builds in. this wind will bring a 10 degree warm-up saturday and additional 10 degree warm-up as we head into sunday. make sure you're ready for changes. we'll check your drive with mike. >> the bay bridge toll plaza,
9:29 am
still a back-up in cash lanes. fasttrack lanes almost gone as far as the wait at the toll plaza. still have to wait at the metering lights once you pass there. keeping things on the bridge moving smoothly. looking at sunday traffic on the maps in san francisco. that's not what i wanted to show. talk about the traffic flow in the area. a smooth drive across the bay bridge. we're talking about the2n beta breakers. that's what we're warning about. sunday a look ahead at traffic, you will have that cutting off city and traffic through the area. plan ahead because a lot of other activities. that will be a slow drive. back to you, laura garcia-cannon. >> thank you very much, mike. thank you for joining us. another local news update coming up in about half an hour.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on this sunny friday morning, may 17t 2013. i'm roker along with tamron hall. lester holt and erica hill, that was the view from the despica blimp promoting "despicable me two." >> i'm excited, i love the minions, one of my favorite movies and no one is paying me to say that. the minions make me so happy. as soon as i see their little arms getting out i get happy. >> there you go. well just ahead from "the ice" to the new "star trek" movie to "despicable me" we have the inside scoop onverything hollywood. also if you thought aut plastic surgery but were reluctant to go under the knife we have alternatives that
9:31 am
promise a younger look focusing around the eyes, the lips, all the areas we talk about. >> not that you need that. >> you haven't seen me without keup. >> i have. >> actually we have. >> trust us you look great. first lester and erica are here, another peon who doesn't need any work. >> thank you. >> a preview for this weekend coming up on "today". >> we are keeping a close eye on the powerball jackpot as it inches into record territory with at least $550 million up for grabs, it could be a lucky weekend for one pyer or more. we'll talk to a seven-time lottery winner about how to beat the odds. at an age when most kids of thinking about the kind garden this 4-yearld is mayor of the town. how was he elected, which animated movie does he love, when he joins us in our studio >> he's got big plans for the local movie theet pe you probably heard of swimming with dolphins but now you can do something called painting with dolphins and there's a science behind this
9:32 am
that helps the gets the mental n they need and make a friend like i did so we'll introduce to you cosmo. >> ptty cool. >> plus we're stepping, spinning and sling. we have special t-shirts and doing a lesson in line dancing this weekend. >> they gave me a youtu clip i've been in my office trying to learn the moves. >> which dance is thatat >> i don't know, step, fake to the right, fake to the left. >> the new jersey strut also known as the baltimore i think, is that correct? >> yeah, that's it. >> all i know is prepare yourselves, we're going to make complete fools out of ourselves. >> no, i'm going to get down. and then i'm going to get back up again. >> i'm going to help you up. >> can't wait to see that, thank you, al. >> set the dvr for that one. >> you have the forecast for us? >> all right, are you okay there? >> i'm just think being lester getting down and getting back up. >> okay. well let's check out our preaess stakes forecast
9:33 am
cloudy with showers in baltimore, likely high in the upper 60s and when we start our great american adventure on monday look for partly cloudy skies at 1:00 a.m. whene start off, yeah, woo! andhen by the afternoon, chance o some showers. saturday, wet weather in the southeast, mid-atlantic states, strong storms in the plains, beautiful weather from texas into the southwest and sund, sunday, we're expecting more showers along the southeast and atlantic coast a larger area under a risk of strong storms from oklahoma into southern minneapolis, minnesota i should say, look for clouds in the 9:33, you made it to friday. a gorgeous day. puffy clouds over =jásunol. temperatures a little on the cool side for today. we're going to warm you right back up as we head into the weekend. right now the westerly flow transporting that cool, pacific air all the way inland. temperatures, just about room temperature, perfection for
9:34 am
friday. 69 in livermore, 66 in fremont. a little cool in the city today but we'll warm you up saturday into sunday. staying hot for monday of next week. hope you have a great weekend. >> announcer: "that's a wrap" is brought to you by mcdonald's and the new premium mcwrap. experience a whole new way to eat at mcdald's. now to our weekly roundup of all things new and worthy in hollywood. >> here with the celebrity scoop is k is tim stat with "entertainment weekly." >> good to see you.. >> after eight years "the office" wraps up. we don't want to give anything aw. >> no spoilers. >> did it live up to expectations? >> i did. if you were a fan of the show, it was moving, if you checked out a few seasons it's all the people that you love and yeah,
9:35 am
there are some surprise guests and it was actually very emotional. ♪ you know, i don't want to say exactly what happens but there is a wedding, some people leave, some people st, there's just a lot of twists. >> a memorable ending for a memorable show. >> and ends we. >> the "seinfeld" finale it was controversial, "sopranos." >> i think this satisfied everyone. >> looking ahead this saturday "snl" ben affleck is hosting kanye west. >> already started talking trash about it. >> he always talks trash. he has some rage issues i think, al. he's probably outse waiting for me right now. >> he's waiting for you.. >> we've got your back. >> thank you, thank you. i'll be runnin you can distract him b anyways -- >> ben affleck -- >> but yes so it's like his
9:36 am
fifth time he'll be the five-timererclub it's a b deal for "snl." >> last time a five-timer was justin timberlake. >> i was there for that show. that was so amazing. >> that was great so i assume therwill be some big guests again. >> perfect. >> kanye islways somne to watch. >> i bet. new "american idol" has been crowned, 23-year-old candace glover from st. helena island. is it me or is it the point nobody cares? >> yes. she seems loveable and talented. >> it's not as big a deal. >> the show is not a big deal but there's theory behind candace winning but they needed a girl. they had a series of guys and forever reason they weren't taking off and there's theory there may be a spark bought of the singer here. >> she did an amazing duet with
9:37 am
jennifer hudson. not a great season, a weird aretha franklin duet. >> jennifer hudson one of the most popular people from the shownd she didn't win. >> the people who don't win go on and do better. randy jackson saying good-bye. >> last nigh >> cleaning house and keith urban. >> there's all the rumors, nicki minaj may not come back, mariah and keith are on the bubble. ihink they need to clean house. i think they need a fresh group of people. >> the good news is "the voice" is still rockin' it. >> yes, we broke this news on that basically "the voice" cast is comingack so next season this fall christinaing alena and ce lo will be back. >> will he bring the bird and the cat? >> i hope it's like a possum, a ferret, look a weasel. >> wow. >> and then in the spring shakira and usher will return. >> i'd like to see the chair
9:38 am
turn arounand it's a different person. >> you're there. anduickly "star trek: in the darkness." >> opens today. it's going to be huge. it's tracking at like maybe $100 million. >> there are already lines at theaters. >> i'm sure, nerds with no jobs, but me -- >> you? >> no. it's coming up and it's going to be huge. it got great reviews, j.j. abrams again, the sequel. >> the first one was awesom i was skeptical. >> simon is amazing. tim stack, kanye is just outside. >> oh, al, protect me. coming up next, younger, fresher looking skin without plastic surgery right after these messages. >> you're hilarious. he is out there. ♪ [ male announcer ] open up to a fresh new world of taste at mcdonald's. ♪ introducing the new premium mcwrap -- a blend of tender, juicy chicken and tantalizing fresh veggies in tee captivating flavors.
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oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, youever miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? this morning on "today's beauty" plastic surgery witut the surgery. some new products can help you tackleging and skin issues in an easier and lessxpensive way. we like that. susan is "new beauty" magazine's editor-in-chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a billion-dollar industry but we're seeing improvements in products on the market. >> cosmetic surgery and treatments can help us look younger but we're not always ready for it. >> how did you select some of the products? >> we selected these products because they're effective and work quickly. >> you're not saying don't get plastic surgery. if that' your thi you want to do it, that's fine but this is an alternative you can try beforeha.
9:43 am
>> these help in the meantime before you're ready. >> the first is to treat pigment. i have hyperpigmentated skin so when iet a bruise or cut it's a dark spot. >> we're dealing with hyperpigmentation, avene is great instead of lightning treatments for your skin. >> why does this one stand out? >> it has melanite which sto the production of melanin in your skin and you can use it whenever you need it. >> 39 bucks. >> greatprice. >> exactly. moving on to eye creams. i saw one the other day $400. i didn't buy it, i saw it. >> thi is not even clees to $400. it's great, it cosmetics, bye-bye undereye. we know theirst signs of aging start with our eye. this covers up all of your dark circles, it will brighten your eyes and it h h skin and active ingredients that help your skin over time so is kind of a
9:44 am
multitasking product and it' not going to sink in. >> y lightly put it on morning and night? >> whener you need it really. it's makeup so you'll put it on and boom, instantye lift. >> moving on to the lips another area that shows aging especially on the sides, what does this do? >> this is jayne eyre dale lip plumper, ginger root extract, peppermint, spearmint, it plumps but feels nice, and it has time release peptides so it builds collagen in your lips and isturize. >> how long do you have to use this before you see results? >> you'll seenstant results when you put it on because it's going to plump but over time your lipip the skin around your lips are better, too. body and hand cream and how does this help with that? >> we treat or faces but sometimes we neglect our body. >> that's an ease ye thing because we focus so much on our face. >> our skin ages on our bodies,
9:45 am
too. >> you can use this in place of your regular low on, jan marini, if you're dealing with cellulite on your thighs it will help smooth that area. >> this has been tested. january marini bioglycolic, everyone loves this. >> skin authity, women forget they need to use a serum, this is great to use right before your moistuzer, it has proteins in it that e going to instantly tighten your skin just li botox so you'll see the lines disappear and in a clinical study about 90% of the women saw improvement in their skin over four weeks. >> in four weeks. we're out of time. this is microderm, very popular. i'm going to test all of this out this weekend. you've given me something to do. next up an easy seafood dish for tonight, something else you can do rht after this. good, i like it. good stuff.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
the cheese judges awarded cracker barrel a gold for cheddar. and that's high-prse. because after tasting wheels of cheese, wedges of cheese and bricks of cheese... our aged reserve's rich, full flavor was considered... the champion of cheese. cracker barrel. it's cheddar, perfected. now you be the judge. enjoy a champion cheese, anytime. >> announcer: today's kitchen" is brought to you by cracker barrel cheese, it's cheddar perfected. >> this morning in "tay's kitchen" seared scallops is what is for dinner eric is executive chef of restaurant north in new york good to see you. >> good to see you. >> seared scallops, this is my favorite time of the year because ramps are in season. >> six weeks of the year, six
9:50 am
wonderful weeks. >> for people who don't know what they are. >> ramps are wild onions, cultivated on shorelines of creeks and stuff, completely wild, beautiful, they're a scallion on steroids. >> they're strong. >> beautiful perfumy aroma, amazing. >> we're making a vinaigrette. >> with the tops of it, we' blend them with honey and sherry vinegar and drizz in som olive oil. in the cooking process,ust dripping things all over the place. so in the cooking process the heat cooks the dressing and we shock it. this is not working allhis well. >> needs little more liquid. there we go. all right. >> wooo! so we're going to take this and shock it in an ice th. >> why? >> we keep that green color. if you stop the cooking process
9:51 am
of the heat it keeps it green and beautiful and wonderful and we'll mix that up. drop it over here with our scallops. quick easy pickup, asparagus in a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper andnd crumbled bl potatoes, these are from blooming hill farm in upstate new york, we take this and it's easy and simple, a little bit of citrus, we use grapefruit juice, a little lemon juice and chives and butter,nd just kind of glaze it real nice and real quick. it's probably too mu butter. >> no such thing. >> i hear you. so it's just a really quick thing to have these cooked ingredients around is just what you're looking for. we'll take to you the plate, a little bit of this guy, a little bit of this dressing, which we'll get to, would you like to put that on there? >> sure, drizzle it. >> be artistic
9:52 am
>> you've already seared the scalps. >> cooked hem in a really hot pan in canola oil 90 secon each side. you lift them up and down to get this beautiful golden brown the entire way around. by lifting them up and down in the oil when it's super hot you get an even gorgeous golden brown sear. >> when people are buying scallops what should they look for? >> you should look for firmness. it should beirm and dry and you should have absolutel no odor. if you get all those things together you'll have a beautiful scallop. these are u10. u10 jus means in restaurant lingo there's under ten in a pound so it's a size difference. >> they're good size. >> they're autiful. >> mmm. not bad at all. thank you so much, eric it's amazing. >>ood to see you. we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ a shot from the despic blimp, "despicable two" coming out. eric thank you, restaurant north. coming up on monday we'll be live from hawaii. >> i can't wait to see you there, going to be fun. up next, kathie lee and hoda show us how to slim down for bikini season. ♪ we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made
9:56 am
by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. the time is 9:56. i'm jon kelley. this quite the scheme. credit card devices causing a big concern for police. officers say skimmers were so well put together, you could not
9:57 am
tell they were tampered with on the outside of the machines. police were so concerned, they went to every station in the city alerting all bay area police departments. it is possible, so be aware there are still skimmers inu place. another team could be dropping out of the america's cup. the owner of the italian team holding a conference thp afternoon. he says he has no plans to drop out of the race but his team may have something different to say. training, runs have been canceled since the may 9th death of sailor andrew simpson. right now a check on your wednesday forecast and check in with christina loren. >> thanks, and happy friday to you. temperatures today are going to be comfortable. a little cooler than average for this time of year. that means you'll probably need a coat in san francisco, 67 in fremont, 70 degrees on the way to livermore. major changes just ahead. cold front came through. that's why it will stay cool. by this weekend high pressure builds in quickly. that means temperatures are going to warm up rapidly.
9:58 am
for today low 70s, tomorrow, upper 80s by sunday. want to check on that drive. right, mike? >> i almost saw a crash, folks crossing over 101 at the merge of 680, that's often a problem there as some folks try to exit while others are getting on. watch at the bottom of the screen. no more close you calls. a lighter volume of traffic. less conditions where close calls will be the case. a new crash around 280 could slow things a bit. 101, another crash cleared to the shoulder. a little slowing there. not a major issue through the sunol area, pleasanton, 680, the peninsula, southbound side on the left, jon. back to you. back at 10:26 with another update. we certainly hope to see you then. have a good one.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it is try-day friday, it's may 17th. we're so excited that you're here with us. come on in. >> we didn't have our wine, but we're fine. >> sammy wanted that. >> yes, sammy's right. >> it is the weekend. cheers, cheers to the weekend, thank you, tammy. >> all right. okay. here's a question for you -- we know it's the weekend and a lot of families and kids are going out to see the kids' games. the question is should kids
10:01 am
compete or should they just go out and have the games and just enjoy themselves and have fun. >> where everybody's a winner. >> there's a movie called "parental guidance" billy crystal is in it with bette midler. they go to their grandsons' baseball game and they found some of this disturbing. >> strike three, you're out of there. >> there are no outs in this game. >> how do you know who's winning? >> every game ends in a tie. >> it's good they don't keep score. >> yeah, because your kid stinks. >> you're out! >> no, you're out! >> could you drive, i don't feel good. >> i love billy crystal. so there is sort of an attitude around, it's been sort of seeping into everything, the schools are culture, which is, children's self-esteem is so darn important, and we know that it is, that everybody should be a winner all the time. which i say, contributes to kids not knowing how to deal with
10:02 am
life when it really happens, because all along they've been "winners." but they haven't been winners at all. they haven't learned to appreciate winning. i'm not saying they're losers. >> that's what you said without saying it. >> if you get a trophy, but you haven't earned the trophy, what does a trophy mean, if everybody got a trophy. >> here's the thing. people in sports -- i'm sick of it. >> people are good in sports in high school and college are usually very successful, because they're used to trying as hard as they possibly can and sometimes not winning. that's such a downer. when it happens to you and you're in the middle of a game or the whole team is riding on you and i've been there, i was at the foul line, it was all about me. and please, all i had to do was make the shot. we would have won, we were down by one point. around the rim and plop, out. i'm still thinking about it and it makes me feel terrible that i made the whole team lose and we were losers, because i did that. because -- >> so sad. the truth is, that's what makes
10:03 am
you ultimately a winner in the real sense. it's not a phony winning, it's a real winning. >> i think it's okay for kids to be competitive, some. i mean i think the idea of everyone loggy gagging on the field can be cute and stuff, but i think there's a point between winning and losing. winners and losers. >> you know, when i think it's great? >> when? >> when it's like the special olympics, frank helped found the special olympics with eunice shriver. eunice kennedy shriver. eunice who did it, but she said to frank, will you get me some athletes when they did their very first one and frank got all of these great athletes to come and support it one of the most moving things you'll ever see in your life are when the kids all compete and they all get a trophy. there's something special about that. frank said one of the greatest days in all of sports, covering it for all of those years was the first time he covered the special olympics and a little kid was out front, he was
10:04 am
winning, he was winning, he was getting to the finish line and another little kid fell. he stopped, went over and picked up his friend and went over the finish line together. that's a real winner and that's what we're not teaching our kids, dag gone it. >> but what if a kid did that in another race. >> cody did it in elementary school. i was beyond thrilled with him. you know, show us some character. don't show me your little trophy that doesn't mean a thing. >> but one time i got one of those trophies and i do remember it. and i lost it. i liked getting it. it was cool. >> oh, god, no! no! >> there's the loser, right there! >> oh, my god! >> we're not just talking about her hair. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. first of all. i had an "h" necklace on. the name of my team was the foals, we were clearly unstoppable.
10:05 am
nobody told me it was picture day. clearly. >> would you have done anything differently if you would have known it was picture day? >> i had hair issues forever. please take that down. >> oh, my god. >> those were my new glasses, i was proud of them. nobody told me. whatever, you guys have ugly pictures, too. okay, let's talk about laugh. >> ha does your laugh say about you. as wine makers we love them already. a wine maker commissioned a study about what your laugh really means. >> a body expert judy james outlined what each laugh means. okay? she said if the eyes narrow and close as the mouth falls open, that's a certain kind of laugh. here's the weezer. not like that! >> they have asthma, it sounds like. >> do we have the sound of one? anyway -- >> that sounds like something
10:06 am
else. >> she said they are usually good-humored people who spent years in a career where silence is the norm. >> all librarians. >> the laughing sailor. >> love that guy. >> the guy with the dead-pan face and jumpy shoulders, usually from someone who doesn't know how to let go and truly laugh. >> the carry on laugh. something that adele does. take a listen. [ laughter ] >> i love her laugh. >> i love it, too. >> contagious. >> i could do it all day. not really. >> i love her. >> adore her. >> they decided -- >> if that laugh was coming out of somebody else, i might not like it it's because we love adele so much. >> and let's hear kathie lee's laugh and then we'll tell you how judy described her laugh. [ laughter ] that's weird. >> that's unfortunate. because i was given a trophy as a child.
10:07 am
>> you were described as bawdy. semi aggressive chuckle. >> semi aggressive? >> it registers a high level of confidence and a lack of social fear or inhibition. the tone is low, sexy and direct in a flirty way, it gets louder, suggesting that you grew up in a noisy atmosphere, maybe even a male-dominated house. is that true? >> yeah. >> hoda, let's listen to her, shall we? [ laughter ] >> that's my fake laugh. >> okay. >> wow, that's annoying. >> that's my fake laugh. >> she is described as a social shared laugh. whatever that means. she has a deep desire to share humor. more of a woman's laugh than mine. what am i? never mind. sometimes bringing her hand to cover her mouth could suggest some issues with shyness as a child. >> we did have that. >> we showed you why. >> and her tone suggests, social
10:08 am
approaching to please the speaker. >> that was my phony laugh. when i laugh really hard. remember when we did the thing about the emmy. >> when we were in charleston. >> i laughed my real laugh. let's talk about this, everyone thinks there may be in the world someone who looks like them, a twin. >> a doppelganger. >> there's some kind of an app. >> it's an alike app. >> it shows what celebrity you, you resemble the most. so they take your features and all that stuff. they take a photo. and they tell you who you resemble the most. we should point out that joanne lamarca did it and she looks like tom hanks. >> he is the most trusted man in the world. >> here's kathie lee's picture and she looks like that,
10:09 am
madeline stowe. >> poor madeline stowe, she's about to kill herself. >> now hoda? >> beyonce. >> is this a joke? >> we're supposed -- ♪ all the single ladies >> sara looks like -- >> naomi watts. >> and we decided to choose our camera man, anthony. and -- ryan reynolds! >> hot, baby. >> that's it. >> it's time for your friday funnies. >> are you ready for it? >> i shouldn't do that. because -- ha ha ha. >> show our facebook fans. sarah jane from cloverdale, california. an old woman realizes she's seen and done just about everything she could and the time has come to depart this world. after considering various methods of doing away with herself. she decides to shoot herself through the heart. not wanting to make a mistake, she phones her doctor and asks him the exact location of the heart. he tells her that the heart located two inches below the
10:10 am
left nipple. the old woman hangs up the phone, takes careful aim and shoots herself in the left knee. do your funny laugh. >> this is it. all right, it's time for bobbie's buzz. hello, bobbie. count down to two weeks from today, miss bobbie. >> she's looking scrumptious. >> ready for you. >> getting ready to answer a lot of questions about self-tanning and body tanning. a new collection that's fun is called they will customize a fragrance for you based on a quiz and you can have an entire collection of really personal products. we have maximum hottie hoda. and we have just for frank and happy hour. this is a really fun concept. i do like this collection. now another thing that was buzz-worthy. josie maran has an all-natural makeup line. she launched a self-tanner body
10:11 am
wash that you put on in the shower. it sold out on qvc, we have to wait a few months for it. if you're interested in trying it. a foaming self-tanner, you apply one body part at a time. you wait out of the body stream for 60 seconds, and rinse it off. the bonus is you don't have to have the sticky body lotion on for hours. >> how do you get it on your back? >> you have to have someone else help, i guess. so one tip i will share, no matter what self-tanner you're going to use, sometimes i use the glove or jerjen's express. after all the pros who have sprayed me. they use baby powder, they sprinkle the baby powder and hair dryer to blast off and dust the baby powder. it absorbs the excess moisture so you don't get the streaking. what causes the streaking is when you perspire. that's a great tip. baby powder. everybody can do that. >> somebody told me that hansen has the fabulous self-tanner.
10:12 am
>> she also has the spray legs. >> sally hansen. >> it's time for our johnson's baby of the week where we celebrate new moms and their new additions to their families. first up, meet little eli james dennisor who popped into the world at six pounds, seven ounces on march 18th in maryland. mom and dad say eli already loves music, animals and bath time. >> of course. the next bundle of joy is aria, who was born in warwick, rhode island, her proud parents want all the other new moms to know patience and staying calm are key to a happy baby. and our third johnson's baby of the week is sweet little sebastian. sebastian made his big debut on march 19th to his proud parents, who are over the moon. so congratulations to all our babies. and if you want a chance for your baby to be considered, go
10:13 am
to >> all right. sara. whether it is a family reunion that has you on edge -- or a friend's dream wedding -- your nightmare! >> the right way to handle awkward social situations bt, we're not talking about you. >> no! 're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom. yeah, you betcha, honey. ahh, you think so? [ female announcer ] some mornings you just can't eat at the table. eggo® wafflers are packed with flavors like brown sugar cinnamon roll, so you don't need syrup. eggo® wafflers. simply delicious™.
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10:15 am
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10:16 am
mmm. [ male announcer ] when it comes to taste, philadelphia sets the standard. and introducing the new standard in afternoon snacking. made with real ingredients like milk, cream, and belgian dark chocolate. new philadelphia snack delights. summer is just around the corner, which means family reunions, june weddings and maybe a little summer romance. >> and with all the social gatherings, you may find yourself in a few sticky situations, here with a few tips is "today" contributor and etiquette expert and president of her company, harriet cole. >> and say du marchand, the expert on social skills. >> the summer is for lovin' and a lot of times people are meeting new romances in the summertime. it's that kind of vibe. is it one of those things that when you meet someone, you
10:17 am
should go dutch? or is it one of those things that you should just play it like you usually play and wait for the guy to pay? >> i love for the idea of a man paying for the first date. i know it's old school, but-day love it. i think it's not all summer that he has to pay. date one is a nice thing for him to pay. if you invite him, though. if you make the overture and you pay, that sort of sets up an interesting conversation. >> but you see -- i still to this day, when a man says let's -- >> i'm out. >> i'm out. >> i think she should pay for the first date. >> and after that as well. >> i think you just brought up a great point if a man invites you, absolutely. >> if he says, why don't you come to my apartment and i'll cook for you. >> you meet a guy at a pool party, do you think it's okay to reach out to him, or should you always wait until he calls? >> i'm old school. i'm very old school. i met my husband, with modern
10:18 am
technology. >> and actually we, it was very old world. we dating during the summertime. fortunately it wasn't in a pool scenario. but yeah, i mean it's -- >> what is the point? >> summer romance -- >> what was the point? >> let's move on. >> let's move on to wedding etiquette. you get an invite for a wedding. and you're not sure if you should or shouldn't bring a plus one. what's the rule? >> well if you weren't invited with a plus one, then you weren't. >> there's a reason. >> they were trying to keep it to a number. >> it's weddings are so expensive. people invite who they intend to invite. if you are engaged, the rule is, that your fiancé should be invited. perhaps the people don't know. then you ask. then you ask, is it okay for me to bring me fiancé. if you're married, your spouse should be invited. but not if you're just dating.
10:19 am
>> they may not be aware of your current status. >> check it on facebook. >> what should be the average cost of a wedding gift, do you think? >> that depends -- >> i think it depends on the city. if you're talking about a new york city wedding, versus somewhere else, it could be an entirely different price range. bottom line is you want to make sure that you're covering your cost, plus giving a gift. >> and that bothers me, actually. i think, i know that that's what people say, weddings are very expensive. i don't like thinking, i want to buy a gift that costs as much as my plate. but i think you should go on the registry, look to see what they -- >> what you can afford. and a smart couple has a range of prices. >> don't go into debt because you're trying to impress someone who has invited you to the wedding. i know certain people because they could not afford a wedding gift, declined to go to the wedding, they felt so badly. >> you're going because you love the people, you give the best that you can. and if you go from their registry, at least you're giving something that you know that
10:20 am
they want. >> what about if somebody has been married and this is their second or third wedding? do you still have to bring a gift? >> it's a wedding. >> the one from the last wedding, let's be honest. >> if you were to go to a dinner party for the third time at someone's house, you would bring a bottle of wine, right? >> i would bring a bottle of wine to the bathroom, you know what i'm saying? i'm talking about a wedding, they don't need anything else. >> but a lot of times when people are getting married and it's not the first time, they will say, you know, in lieu of gift -- >> right, right. >> that's the take-away. >> but don't count on it. all right. ladies, thank you. taking questions from across the street with sara, a funky dance party. >> i'm not in the mood. ten hut! you up for the challenge suds-maker? i'm gonna need more than that to get through the rest of these dishes! i want more suds!
10:21 am
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join us at time for three, two, one, live with, sara haines, where we
10:24 am
send our girl across the street to the crowd at the nbc experience store. >> first up i found me another sarah from illinois. >> hi, hoda. this one's for you. i wanted to know what do you have most in common with your dog? >> oh, my god. you know what? can i tell you something, this sounds not to be arrogant. he likes to meet new people. he's always on the street. >> he's friendly like hoda. >> tail wagging, tongue hanging out. >> we like to lick. >> we've got the cutest baby ever and her grandmother, michelle, from florida. >> i was just wondering if you could have any super hero power in the world, what would it be and why? >> what would yours be? >> mine would be to be invisible. >> i knew that. >> right now. what's yours? >> i think it would be to be all-knowing because wisdom is what we need more in this world. i would want to be all-knowing. >> now you're supposed to say you already are. >> precious.
10:25 am
>> why you want to start skinny-dipping right now. >> before memorial day. plus makeup tricks. the most trodden areas of your home, your vacuum doesn't always pick up what's left behind. only the resolve easy clean system has foam power to stop dirt in its tracks. it penetrates deep within your carpet, removing 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. leaving the busiest areas of your carpets, truly fresh and clean. the resolve easy clean system. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? ooh! i create my unique looke new l'oreal super slim liner point 4 millimeter precision and control lets you go subtle
10:26 am
or striking a pigment so rich my ultimate perfection the new super slim liner. from l'oreal paris the time is 10:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the best of the best of the world of cycling rolling around the south bay. be on the lookout there. the world's top cyclists competing against the clock in
10:27 am
stage six of the amgen tour in california. that will take place this afternoon in san jose. riders will take off from bailey avenue in south san jose and make their way around 20 miles finishing up with a difficult climb up metcalf road. once again, this is a sixth leg, time trial stage. coming up after this break, a look at your local weather and traffic. crystal geyser is always
10:28 am
bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. 10:28. welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. beautiful clear sky over the
10:29 am
golden gate bridge. look at all these people, spectators looking at the beauty of the bay area. temperatures are going to warm up as we head through the next several days, the coolest of the next 72 hours. temperatures rapidly warming close to 90 degrees by sunday. we'll tell you what that means for your city and help you make outdoor plans by 11:00. first checky(oñ the drive with . >> toll bridge, chp over here, folks well in order,ik staying line, something going on the upper deck slowing things from treasure island to the plaza. slowed metering lights. we don't know what's going on there. slow off 580, nothing on the chp blotter. slow a little while until that clears. roadwork at south 101, a distraction for both sides in mountain view. >> the search is on this morning for whoever opened fire 880 in oakland killing two people. chp says two men in a white porsche were shot.
10:30 am
the driver died in the car. the actual passenger got out and was struck by a passing car. we'll update you at 11:00. certainly hope to see you then. welcome back to "today" on this try-day friday, we're helping you drop 10 pounds by memorial day with a little skinny dipping. >> you can save 500 calories a day just by skipping all the dressings and the dips and condiments loaded with hillen calories, sugar and salt. "today" diet and nutrition he h had editor diane fernstrom has more. >> we want to give you good things to help you trim calories. >> ketchup. >> if you're a big ketchup user, look for reduced sugar ketchup. it tastes more tomato-y. everybody knows about
10:31 am
mayonnaise, most people use it to moisten bread. you don't care that much about the taste. so if you get reduced fat or nonfat, it saves a lot of calories. a tablespoon is more than 100 calories. >> and it adds up quickly. so mustards are great. look for dark brown, the grainy type. texture and mouth feel are really important. >> there's almost no calories in mustard. and you can doll things up with hot sauce or little fancier sriracha sauce. and can you use some of these a-1 steak sauce. but be careful of barbeque sauce. >> maple syrup. >> there you go. >> then we get to salad dressings. who doesn't know, don't pour dressings on. but what if you don't want to have just balsamic vinegar or lemon juice, that works, too. but you can use olive oil and use it sparingly, just a tablespo tablespoon, 100 calories goes a long way.
10:32 am
or get a spray pump. try things like rice vinegar, red wine vinegar. >> i like rice vinegar. >> it's good, right? >> uh-huh. >> if you like packaged things, you can get the old package seasonings, and reverse the oil and vinegar. you're in control of this. if you like commercial dressings, they can be really great. some are made with yogurt. you can use the fat-free ones, if they take glopy to you, don't use them. they're fine for some people, but watch the amounts. if you use regular dressings -- >> is that ken's? >> i discovered that in nantucket, this one looks -- that is -- probably a zillion calories, i love that stuff. >> a little goes a long way. >> you can water it down with vinegar. >> nobody wants to do that. >> now we're going to start dipping. because here you can save a ton of calories. the best dip on earth if you're trying to lose weight and it's also healthy. >> salsa. instead of the guacamole. or you can take guacamole or m
10:33 am
hummus, more calories and use them mix them up. read the labels, they may look low calorie. >> what do you do with your guacamole? >> avocados, a little salt and pepper, lemon juice or lime juice, that's enough and a small amount goes a long way. when it's very flavorful, you tend to eat less, can you make some of your favorites from a package using low-calorie sour cream or greek yogurt. whatever you like. and mix it up with sometimes a fancy spinach dip. that dilutes out the calories. >> thank you, madeline. >> thank you. how to use makeup when you wakeup. to look like a million bucks. yeah, kfc! original recipe. original recipe? dad, i think you ate the bones. i did what?
10:34 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. ♪ [ male announcer ] celebrate memorial day and save 30 dollars on this grill master four burner gas grill just $169 at lowe's. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from.
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careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. they say the best beauty secret is getting eight full hours of sleep every night. we have makeup trips, with "shape" magazine's editor at large. bahar, welcome back. >> if you can't get the eight hours, there are things you can do? >> absolutely. first trick is to use a great scrub. the reason, it's going to exfoliate your skin, get rid of those dead skin cells, increase
10:38 am
your circulation. >> how often? >> every single day. or every other day. a gentle scrub. >> is this one new? >> yes, it's from yes to grapefruit. it will invigorate your senses. >> should you do this at night before you go to bed or in the morning? >> this is in the morning that's going to boost your glow. >> i want to lick it, too. that smells good. >> foundation? >> the next trick is to add a little bit of luminosity to your skin because you're tired. we love to mix just a touch of your foundation and then you're going to add a little bit of liquid highlighter to this as well. the foundation of course -- >> takes on a little luminosity. >> the foundation gets rid of the discoloration, foundation adds the special youthful glow. >> all over your face? >> yes, all over your face. you can add a little bit between your eyes as well for the extra glow. >> what about color? >> color is very important. always use a little bit of blush when you're tired. i like a cream-based blush because this is going to go on and give you a dewy look.
10:39 am
>> this will make you look all orangey. >> it's very, very sheer. >> not on hoda's deeply tanned skin. >> you can use this on your lips or on your cheeks, dab a little bit on. >> and blend, ladies, blend. >> that's the key when you're tired. you want some color. >> uh-huh. >> and the eyes, you should be using an eye cream every single day. but when you're tired, your skin is extra dry and the wrinkles may be more pronounced. i love this duo from olay. using an eye cream, this little brush is really cool, it moi moisturizes and protects your lashes. it gives you a nice little open sensation in your eye. you look beautiful and bright-eyed. >> okay. another really cool trick, this is a concealer pencil from -- >> thank you. >> a concealer pencil from makeup forever. basically you put this on your undereye. so the water line of your eye,
10:40 am
it -- >> you mean along the lid. >> the lower lid. >> inside the lower lid. >> it makes your eye pop. >> really? >> exactly. >> you can get that from makeup forever. mascara is a must. this one from smashbox has blue and black pigments, that makes the whites of your eyes really, really pop. >> for any color eye? >> any color eye. and the lips? >> we all love a nude lip. but that can make you look washed out. so try to use something with a little pink shade. this one from bare minerals. >> that looks like a great color for you, hoda-woman. >> it's almost sheer. >> some people don't want to use too much. >> i'll use it on my arm. >> everything you need to know to get great curb appeal. >> curb or curve? >> curb. no. mom, check it out! energy drinks. no. hey mom! dare me to do a back-flip?
10:41 am
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10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
it is the time of year he you start seeing the neighbors planting in the garden, but you don't know where to start. >> here us to walk through gardening 101 is this adorable husband and wife. ken and barbie. >> chris and payton, from hgtv's "going yard." are you lying about the green thumb, you don't need to have one it make it work? >> you're going to give us five important tips that we could go through. we have certain plants, certain times of the year? >> better to plant in the spring and fall, in the summer it's way too hot to plant. right now a perfect time to get gardening. >> do we need gloves? we usually do. >> put your gloves on. i like to work with my hands. >> i like to match. >> that's why we have variety. >>. >> i like to wear my gloves, i like to have my hand tool so i'm not getting my hands too dirty.
10:46 am
especially if you have a fresh manicure. >> good potting soil, fertilizer, plants need food. >> how do you know what the good potting soil is? >> that's the thing, a lot of problems in yards, your dirt is terrible. too sandy, too rocky in other parts of the world. that's why you need to get some good planting mix, so when you plant something in the ground, it now has nutrients in it. you don't have to worry about feeding as much. if you don't have the right base -- >> even if you plant something like miracle grow? >> if you don't have the right soil. you could water the miracle grow all around it and it won't hold the water. >> hoda, now we have our gloves and tools and dirt. now what do we do? >> your hands, already, payton is going to take one of you over here. >> all right. here we have -- >> good luck. >> i don't like variegated stuff. >> don't use fancy words. >> this is hosta. >> what is that? >> hosta.
10:47 am
>> hosta. >> of course it is. >> not fond of hosta. >> what do i do? >> break that up. >> i got it. >> it's huge. >> we got ours out. >> then you break up the roots a little bit. >> this is our fake garden. now we've got that. >> then you open it up. >> then you pour it all the way around. >> and you trowel. >> you know what, she's showing off. >> i'm sick of her showing off. >> hoda thought it was a big spoon. >> don't worry about getting dirty over there. >> that's the way you do it. >> everybody understands. >> you don't have to have a clean work space, it can be dirty. >> just have your husband cue it up. >> you're making me clean? >> we're good. now what do you do? >> these are nice for your yard. >> payton needs to speak. >> the hosta will be better for shade. the katman is better for full
10:48 am
sun. >> these are perennials, right? they'll come back every year, hoda. >> if you take care of them. >> how often do we water these? >> we got water cans. take your pick and start watering. >> pick your color. >> it depends on where you live. if you'll get a nice downfall every day, you want to soak it through but not oversoak it right? >> exactly. >> these might actually grow in here. >> get the other side. >> and we have 30 seconds. >> what do we have over here? >> a couple more easy plants. boxwood which you see all around the city. easy to grow. lilacs are beautiful right now. >> we lost all our boxwoods and lilac in hurricane sandy. that's what we're doing right now, is replenishing. >> what is that, a little rose plant? >> a nice beautiful rose. great thing about roses, they're less susceptible to disease, they've bred them so they're easier to manage. >> thank you, guys, you are so
10:49 am
nice. >> thank you so much. >> you could do a tooth paste commercial. >> their musical hobby turned into an internet phenomenon. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
five guys on one piano. and since last year, that video has been viewed more than 21 million times. >> i would say that's successful. >> it scored them a record deal and now the piano guys are
10:53 am
hoping for the same success with their brand new album, the piano guys, volume two. you know, you must have lost sleep waiting -- what do we name it! >> it was a tough battle. yeah. >> steven and john, what happened to the other guys? >> you know, it was nice on that video to involve our behind-the-scenes guys. we all just played the same piano. >> nobody really got along, huh? >> we have a great time together. our video producer and music producer, and join us on that song. which was kind of a fluke. we didn't plan on it. taking off the way it did. >> it was adhd, having fun. >> one of you is on the piano. >> 39 other videos which are just the two of us. >> what are you guys going to sing for us today? >> i hope we're not going to sing. >> what? >> we want ratings. >> what are you going to play? it's taylor swift's song, right? >> a little classical-infused arrangement in a style that we like to do.
10:54 am
>> it's as if js bach and taylor swift hung out in the same room? >> you mean johan sebastian? >> yes. >> here they are, the piano guys, performing again! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. we are learning some new details on the freeway shoot-out that kills two men after last night's warriors game. officers now confirming the pair were at the game before shots were fired. nbc's kristi smith has been following this story all morning long in oakland. she has the latest on the manhunt. what's the latest out there? >> good morning,eel jon. police say they know they attended the game

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